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Day: September 10, 2021

Alcohol Sermon

Alcohol and the Bible! Final Days Report #14

Final Days Report: A dream many years ago that has come true.   So, I decided to do a teaching on Old Testament scripture on drunkenness’.   Stories and lessons about alcohol that have much wisdom. Jesus and cure your alcoholism.

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Jet Attack dream

Jet Attack with Prepper Tool! Final Days Report #13

Final Days Report: Repent, come to Christ and Prep. Wild dream about USA attacked. In the dream was a solar oven to help prep. We talk about the China Playbook from a General to use bio weapon warfare to destroy the USA. Why are China and Russia Soldiers not being vaccinated? Is our critical infrastructure being dismantled on purpose? Judgment from our wicked ways. Get ready.   USA invasion? Remember, the China leader told their people to prep for the winter.

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Vaccine Madness 2.0 teaching

Vaccine Madness 2.0 – Patented, Tracked and Stacked! Final Days Report #12

Final Day Report: Presentation to share with your friends about the vaccine madness and why everyone must not take the shot. Why hesitancy = show history of evil around vaccines including toxins. Some good news at the end.     Did the CDC say 98 million Americans were exposed to cancer causing agents via a vaccine?  What is SV40.    What are the neuro toxins placed in vaccines. The MRNA are not vaccines but appear to be much worse.. Pray these evil eugenic freaks are stopped.

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