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Day: November 6, 2021


COP26 Will Steal Everything You Have: Final Days Report #49

Final Days Report:   You’ll have nothing and like it via Cop26 and CV19. Cop26 will make policy with financial institutions and insurance companies that will make policy to enslave you. Watch out for Federal Reserve Bank digital wallets that can do bank bail ins anytime.    We prove with the Club of Rome, say humans are the enemies with the global warming scam and CV19 bio weapon (your the carrier) even though the NIH funded the entire program through shell companies.    Cover the satanic strategy and how humans are the enemy with how they pollute and spread disease according to the Club of Rome.  They want you to eat bugs and will over tax your meat so you will never afford it.

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Boshevic Takedown USA

Bolshevic USA Takeover = Final Days Report #48

Final Days Report:   USA has been taken over by Bolshevics without a shot fired..
My family has been through this same playbook of Bolshevik Satanist / Communist in Russia. My Great Grand Dad Baptist Preacher and others were sent to Siberia by Lenin. We discuss these communist satanists playbook. I had a dream (end days Christians will get dreams) to repent. Cover the Degael report about the genocide of Israel as well.

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