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Day: January 23, 2022


A new View on Revelation 9 Where 1/3 of the Population Dies Plus who are the 144 K? Final Days Report #81

Final Days Study on Book of Revelation 9 with a new POV, plus 144 K Guided by a Dream

⁣⁣Take a deeper view of Revelation 9. Many people including myself have always thought this is war with a 200 M man army but upon a closer view, it appears to be a plague. 1/3 of the world has been jabbed twice and 1/3 of the world in revelation 9 will die. Could this be the event? When will all Israel be saved when the fullness of the gentiles comes in? Who are the promise seed? Who really should you bless when you bless Abraham and you’ll be blessed? The pre-tribe rapture is really bad teaching.

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