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Day: February 18, 2022

Iron Mixed with Clay

Iron Mixed with Clay VAX – Daniels Fourth Beast System, You Better Get Saved. FDR #92

Clot Shot is Iron Mixed with Clay – Other Supporting Scripture plus more occult evidence with Daniels Fourth Beast System

Daniels fourth beast rising with iron mixed with miry clay that is you. 666 is the logo for Graphene Oxide. Graphene is considered a miracle substance and can be used for a space elevator – think Nimrod, drink salt water, body armor, injectable – already using with pharmika or sorcery, healthcare – tattoos with graphene oxide, glowing wallpaper, new batteries – reminds me of the Bible verse can’t die but want to. You are an electrical being and graphene oxide is a great transistor, carries electricity better than anything, stretchy, electrons go through great, expands cold, shrinks when heated – 5G?, and stiff – hardest material ever. It’s 2 dimensional and bends around cells. Graphene Oxide is called a wonder material, and self heal itself.. As mentioned above, reminds me about the Bible verse seeking death and not being able to find it. We cover the Olympic hive mind symbolism

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