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Day: October 12, 2022


Destroy Your Heart, Provide Medicine for Your Heart, Evil Playbook: FDR 164

What an Evil Business Model, create Destruction and Act as the Savior – Problem, Reaction, Solution

Classic order out of chaos or problem reaction solution on destroying your heart with the poison poke and next giving you a solution. NPR talks about kids filling up the hospitals with breathing / respiratory issues but not mentioning the poke as a driver. More death rate information out of the UK. How to spot a psyop with Russia leading the way with the WEF fourth industrial revolution and Kenya West free speech potential psyop at a demonic fashion show. Yes, the big bomb shell about Revelation 18 and Pharmacia hoodwinking the world, we have been all over because of a dream that revelation 9 is in play. When we dove into revelation 9, it is about plagues and sorcery that means Pharmacia. I did not discover this, but was given a dream to investigate.

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