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Chemtrails and Planet X

Chemtrails Cover Up Planet X = Final Days Report #51 at SJWellFire

Final Days Report:  We cover Chemtrails and all the rest, Cern, Planet X, portals, dimensions, Gotthard Ritual, and the Great UFO Deception

Had a couple dreams about how chemtrails are covering the planet x system and assisting and defiantly covering up spirals / wormholes as seen in 2009. Talk about Cerns potential vail shattering objective. Are vortexes carved in the rocks? What about the tower of Babel. We briefly listen to part of an Anthony Patch interview from Lisa Haven years ago.

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2 planet x dreams

Planet X Dreams! Final Days Report #11

Final Days Report: Pray where you need to be. Is planet X in the media? Are scientist looking for Planet X? We cover the great commission. Bible says in the end times, he’ll give dreams and visions to his believers. When the time is right at the last minute, flee 100 miles from shore at least 500 feet in elevation and have seeds. Be worthy to be a remnant.

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war on beef

Why the Elite WAR on BEEF and MEAT = Final Days Report #54 at SJWellFire

4 Reasons the Globalist Banker Elites Don’t want you to have MEAT or BEEF

This is a true assault on your health, wealth, independence and God’s Creation. We talk solutions. It is time to get creative to make sure your life prospers in the time of lawlessness.   Yes global Warming is a hoax or cover for a mini ice age and or Planet X coming in.    Time to get creative to make sure you have plenty of beef / meat.    We talk solutions. 

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California Remnant

California Remnant After War? Final Days Report #39

Final Days Report: I had a dream about a remnant having to clean up a California beach that appears to have war junk / tidal-wave trash. Brown water. Appears to be after events predicted in Book of Revelation. No government workers to help clean up. Just a few people left. The ocean water was brown and the sky was puke yellow (wormwood?).   Pray where you need to be for it looked like a tidal wave hit and war.   Maybe the Navy map is correct linked to planet x    Maybe you need to make sure your high in the mountains to survive what is coming.

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