Chemtrails Cover Up Planet X = Final Days Report #51 at SJWellFire

Chemtrails Cover Up Planet X = Final Days Report #51 at SJWellFire

Final Days Report:  Chemtrails and all the rest, Cern, Planet X, portals, Dimensions, Gotthard Ritual, and The Great UFO Deception – Final Days Report

Had a couple dreams about how chemtrails are covering the planet x system and assisting and defiantly covering up spirals / wormholes as seen in 2009. Talk about Cerns potential vail shattering objective. Are vortexes carved in the rocks? What about the tower of Babel. We briefly listen to part of an Anthony Patch interview from Lisa Haven years ago. Also, during the Switzerland tunnel demonic ritual, did the naked actors get possessed with chemtrails? What about the Cern human sacrifice ritual. It’s all tied together. I was discounting physicist degrees and regret saying that. I have my MBA from a good school I think useful degrees are valuable. I think my head was around ashiest scientist who profess themselves to be wise but are fools. Sorry about the audio.

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