Is Lucifer Omnipresent? Final Days Report #20

Is Lucifer Omnipresent? Final Days Report #20

Is Lucifer Omnipresent

First of all, Lucifer wants to kill, steal and destroy both your soul and Gods creation.  That is why we cover the Deagel report so often with the massive kill of 70% of Americans and many western nations.    So that is why the death and injuries are so high with this vaccine according to VAERS database and it should be pulled if we had an honest media and healthcare system.   This appears to be a culling.

The vaccine mRNA appears to change your DNA that links to transhumanism.   Are you still Gods creation after you take this vaccine if your DNA changes.   If your DNA changes you are patent-able?    How does the vaccine tie to the internet of things? Does this vaccine allow Lucifer to be omnipresent like God?  Does it control and read your thoughts?   Very crazy dream about people being controlled to do the states will.   Vaxed is in the dream lost their soul after taking the vaccine.

Reports coming out that people can no longer feel God after VAX

Are the vaccinated perennial gland being shut off or over ridden?   Are they being tied to the internet of things?

Vaccine is about Control and Enslavement – Transhumanism

Some frightening data about graphene oxide and the globalist plan to put it in everything that appears to be conductive to transmit and receive data within your body.  How will this be linked to smart dust?   Is your body is magnetized after a vaccine.

5G and Transhumanism

5G can control information at the cell level according to the FDA director.  How else did you think they were going to accomplish their track, control and trace plan for the internet of everything?   The vaccine agenda has nothing to do with health but everything to do with patenting, tracking, controlling, and stacking you.

Some Powerful Headline articles Below

  • Klaus Schwab: Great Reset Will “Lead to a Fusion of Our Physical, Digital and Biological Identity”
  • Implantable microchips that can read your thoughts. Published   on 16 November, 2020  
  • Great Reset – Code For The Merging Of Man And Machine, Of Flesh And Wire
  • Architecting The Beast System: AI Control of Food Supply (Ice Age Farmer)

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