Stop Race War 1! Final Days Report #38

Stop Race War 1! Final Days Report #38

Divide and Conquer but we Need Lincoln Cement to Stop all Race War Nonsense – Final Days Report

The solution, is Lincoln Cement to stop all the evil strife being presented.  We need to unite under Jesus.   A house divided cannot stand.  The elites are trying to do a race war under divide and conquer.   It’s a strategy to manage the masses.   Black vs. White.   Rich vs. Poor.   Man vs. Women.   Right vs. Left.   Gay vs. Straight.   It’s all psychological warfare to bring down and destroy unification by vilifying people and groups.   They need confusion and perversion.  For example, men are too masculine but women like a man that are manly.   The elite want to do everything that is a opposite of the Word of God.


BLM is a Marxist organization that is against family values.

If your Black, this organization should be stopping abortion that is targeted towards minorities and support the family.  They should be fighting against vaccines for you know that is deadly according to V’s database.  We know the majority deaths are by Black on Black crime and abortion.    We need to unite under Jesus Christ and nothing will stop us.  When Antifa destroys our monuments, we need to come together with Lincoln cement to fix the statue.    This is nothing more than a communist playbook.    We need to unify as Americans and under Jesus.   Don’t be a pawn in the one world government plan.   We cannot be controlled and are individuals vs. a collective group.    Society tells us to do evil.   The Bible is the playbook that we should live.   You shall know us by our fruits.

Project Mockingbird Media

Stop watching the main stream news that is controlled by the CIA under project Mocking Bird.   Only 6 companies own over 90% of the media.   You are programmed.

Eugenics – multiple tools  

The elites goal is to reduce the worlds population to 500 M according to the Georgia Guide Stones.   Just like the climate change and vaccine passports, this is eugenics.     Lincoln cement to unite us all.

Watch 2 Dream to stop Race / Civil War


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