UFO Deception (why / what)! Final Day Report # 10

UFO Deception (why / what)! Final Day Report # 10

UFO Trickery is a Deep State Playbook

Don’t be fooled, aliens did not create us.  You’ll see major flying crafts that go beyond physics as you know it.    But remember, the military is 70 years ahead of what you know.  We’ll cover a couple dreams of advanced human ufo tech and the manipulation of genes. As the days of Noah that had gene corruption.   Within the dream we talk about intelligent animals unknown to man.    But realize, the gene manipulation is real and we’ll show proof.   Don’t be held hostage by lies.   You have power in Jesus Christ for wisdom and don’t be fooled about UFOs.

As planet X comes in, you’ll see more UFOs.   I think that is when they bring out fallen angels and they’ll say they created humans and not GOD.  All BS.   They will tie it to a new one world religion.  https://sjwellfire.com/dreams/planet-x-dreams/

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
I have two of many articles below about gene manipulation.

They are manipulating Genes (article)

“[Article by Dean Smith] On April 18, 2015, scientists from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangdong, China publicly announced in the online journal Protein and Cell, they had edited the genes in a non-viable human embryo using a gene editing technique called CRIS PR-Cas9. This procedure enables them to remove genes, splice new ones in and basically recode any gene strand they want. They apparently modified a gene in a number of embryos thought to cause disease. It is less than exacting because of the 28 embryos they tampered with only seven attempts were successful. Three weeks earlier in a letter to Science a group of scientists hearing rumors this was happening came out publicly opposing gene manipulation in humans. They don’t want it monitored. They want it stopped.

As in the days of Noah: Is history repeating itself with manipulation of human genes?


The WAR Machine is Beyond Your Imagination (article snip-it below)

Space Force Chief Scientist Says Developing Super-Soldiers Is ‘Imperative’

“In our business of national defense, it’s imperative that we embrace this new age, lest we fall behind our strategic competitors,” Dr. Joel Mozer said at an event at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Mozer said augmentation technology could produce a “superhuman workforce” that uses technologies like “augmented reality, virtual reality, and nerve stimulation.”“You could put [an] individual into a state of flow, where learning is optimized, and retention is maximized,” he said. “This individual could be shaped into somebody with very high-performing potential.”Mozer said that there will be “unimaginable” advances in this type of technology, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). He said AI could create “autonomous” programs that commanders can use to devise military strategies that “no human could.”“This will extend to the battlefield, where commanders and decision-makers will have at their disposal multiple autonomous agents, each able to control the execution of things like reconnaissance, or fire control, or attack,” he said.

Advanced Tech Example

A Twitter video showed a flatbed towing an object at a top-secret Lockheed Martin facility

There are Super Natural / Unexplained Things, And Here is my Experience




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