Destabilization Terror Cell Invasion? Final Days Report #36

Destabilization Terror Cell Invasion? Final Days Report #36

Invasion of USA – Trojan House – Final Days Report

We discuss the potential proxy army that has been brought in from Afghanistan while Americans are left to rot.   Also we review the China War Policy to use Bio weapon terror against the USA before they invade.   China’s goal is to invade and take the farm land.  It’s been said the USA runs China’s Central Bank so this is all planned destruction for a one world government.   So the elite global leaders have no loyalty to any countries but rather their satanic one world government.

USA History of Evil Country Destruction

Does the USA have a history of supporting terror groups like ISIS?  We show McCain’s picture with ISIS.   Remember Benghazi and the gun running corruption for terror groups.    The great book, All Wars are Banking Wars shows what the military is about and since the USA Corporation is on the verge of bankruptcy, the citizens (creditors) appear to be needed to be culled.   According to the think tank predictions,  70% of Americans are dead by the year 2025..   So, USA and Western Nations are facing a planned genocide according to by 2025.

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All Wars Banker Wars Example

The reason why USA attacked Libya is because Muammar Gaddafi  wanted to get paid in Gold for their oil and he was building a gold back African currency that would take away the USA dollar reserve currency for all oil transactions.    Where did Libya’s gold go?   The people of Libya loved Gaddafi..   Loved him…   After we stopped bombing the country, the country became radicalized.  This is coming back on us for our evil.

Why aren’t these refugees, China Students not being vaccinated?

Is China or the globalist bringing in bio weapons under the cover of the refugee invasion?  The mRNA vaccine attacks the immune system and clots your blood so I’m curious if the globalists want a healthy terror network.   It’s really suspect that Obama released leaders from Guantánamo Bay that are now apart of the Taliban leadership.

Compromised Leadership

What is up with the $1.5 Billion dollar hedge fund deal with Hunter and 10% going to the Big Guy? Why is General Milly pushing Marxist books to read?   Our leaders appear to love China more that the USA.   Marxist Communist?   You know them by their fruits and Milly talks with the China General often.    No more representative government.   Freedoms are gone.   Good news, we saw the leader of Australia go down by taking money from China.   The vaccine is a bio weapon that destroys your immune system.

Mass USA Genocide for One World Government

Fauci / USA funded CV19 in the Wuhan lab.  So the USA is behind the weaponization of Covid-19, the mRNA genocide or democide proved by the CDC VAERs database.    It appears the USA military leadership and government are destroying itself from within to soften us up before the China / Russia invasion.   They are jacking soldiers with hydro-gel for the AI Nano-Bot bodyNet introduction.     You know the military is under satan by promoting drag queen hour, drinking snake blood, and having satanic demonstrations under the freedom of religion.    Research papers have come out that these vaccines shed and dismantles peoples immune system.   I don’t think the military is going to save us from the communists at least at the top.    Many soldiers are awake but they should not take the shot and quit the military.   Join a decentralized small militia that is Constitutional.

End Goal – great reset One World Government and depopulation mentioned by the UN

Get saved, buy seeds, and form a parallel community. This will bring in the New World Order and destroy the Constitution that has been crumbled.  These Satanists are killing people for fun and profit to consolidate power and destroy nations.   The good news, is you can Get Saved.   Get under Christs protection.

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