Is there going to be a Famine? Final Days Report #2

Is there going to be a Famine? Final Days Report #2

Planned Famine

Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” US strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in the US and abroad and led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations.

We discuss the global elite’s plan for food control and God’s judgement on a nation. We’ll also cover solutions for the saints like food forests, permaculture, coups, local farmers, etc.   The great reset plan will track and control everything you eat.   It’s about technocracy and ultimately enslavement.   Keep your eyes open on the fragile supply chain.

Policy, internet attacks, jobless, and other elements will destroy the food supply.

In the United States, the local farmers, it seems, are being squeezed out of business, or paid NOT to grow food, while Big Agriculture is more concerned with exporting its supplies than keeping domestic food stocks safe and affordable. In an effort to fight two wars at the same time–against a pandemic as well as purported climate change–the Biden administration risks putting the United States on a crash course with food shortages and soaring prices as early as this year.

Land Grab by Government (multi-faceted attack)

Have a fruit tree, it will be taxed because their is a benefit produced on that land.  I did research and had a dream on a globalist land grab.

Domination of Information will drive us to slaughter

Genocide is hear

84 Verses About Famine from 17 Books

Genesis 12:10 And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine [was] grievous in the land.

The number one source on this topic is the Ice Age Farmer…

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