NATO Death by the Deagel Report. FDR: 215

NATO Death by the Deagel Report. FDR: 215

Slice and Dice Deagel Death Predictions by NATO, 5G, and Percent of Population poked

Why the West must fall: War Against Old Roman Empire / Christian Nations / Freedom – WHY – bring on the anti Christ Or to some lost soul religions, bring in their FAKE Messiah. Solutions to unlock your spiritual gifts and how to support this ministry and more importantly save souls. Let no man like trump or putin fool you. Were is 5G implemented the most? What percent of the country is poked. Review Putin’s Speech that paves the way for a first strike on the USA. What countries are hit the hardest as a percent of dead. What percent of countries will die as a percent of total nations. What percent of NATO countries die. How does Israel fare with Deagels death predictions. What is the highest percent country to lose it’s population.

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