World is Dying Literally. 60% Less Seeds Being Spread.. FDR #89

World is Dying Literally. 60% Less Seeds Being Spread.. FDR #89

60% of Seeds not Spreading because Animals / Pollinators are dead..   Real Reason Why Everything is Dying…

⁣Crazy articles blaming climate change for dead birds and pollinators. What is the real reason why everything is dying? Is this a sign of the end times. From an article we cover – For the last several decades, we’ve been painfully aware of the fact that bee, bird, and mammal populations are rapidly plummeting. Not only are these animals the backbones of many ecosystems, but they also pollinate and transport seeds. Without these types of animals, a number of essential plant species from across the globe could cease to exist within just a few years. This leaves us wondering: which plants are going extinct? We show a end of days web site that tracks all the animal death. What does 5G, chemicals, chemtrails and other toxins have to do with this in anything. We talk scripture in the end.


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