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Bit Coin Programed in Your DNA – Priming You To Be the Wallet Programed in you that is Beast Tech and Already Available TECH.. FDR: 105

Bit Coin Programed in Your DNA – Priming You To Be the Wallet Programed in you that is Beast Tech and Already Available TECH.. FDR: 105

⁣Your DNA is Storage and This Technology Exists to code your DNA with a Wallet – Beast Tech

We cover a news / late night psyop where this tech already exists to write code to your DNA. The tech already can rewrite your dna see below. This tech parleys into the Central Bank Digital Dollar that bypasses a tradition bank. Beast Tech. Global Enslavement.

Can Tech Delete, Add, See Your Memory / Thoughts? Brain Interface Technology that Can add, change, delete and Control you.. DREADDS = Final Days Report #63 at SJWellFire

Your DNA is Storage and This Technology Exists to code your DNA with a Wallet – Beast Tech

From ebook:

No Free Will – Getting to monitor you Under the Skin

Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s infamous  futurist, talks about measuring you with complete surveillance under your skin and eliminating your free will.   “Free will is dead,” he goes on to say. This is the Hive Mind they are creating, with two-way communication from them to anyone linked up with the beast system and AI.

This transhumanist agenda will know everything you think and do.   Harari says, “We are upgrading humans into gods.”    “Humans are now hackable animals.”   “Jesus is fake news.” The idea of a soul and free will is over.”   Think of the mRNA operating system with nano tech that ties you to the  hive mind controlled by AI, with total biometric surveillance and control.   This is a satanic freak show agenda.   I’ll say it again, the futurist said, “Jesus is fake news.”   Would you take this witches brew that appears to be a demonic sole sucker to lose your free will? Have you already?

The agenda is to give up your privacy for security, using   fear as the driver.  This anti-Christ futurist goes on to say, humans are not needed and we need to entertain them with drugs and video games.  Video games will be virtual reality like Meta from Facebook.   I heard a pastor that is awake to this enslavement system say, he thinks the elite need us for our children and their satanic appetite for pedophilia (think Wiki Leaks).   You’re destined to become  a hacked engineered controlled zombie.   Again, this homosexual really rips on Jesus as fake news. [i]   He talks intelligent design by scientists,or, as I like to say ,your designed by an anti-Christ scientific priest network.   Again, let this sink in, humans are hackable animals and you no longer have free will.[ii]

This is the great falling away from God and removing of the holy ghost since Satan’s plan is to eliminate and defile God’s creation, as the days of Noah.[iii]  I can see  how all thoughts were evil all the time, as in the days of Noah.   As stated above, you will be patented according to the Supreme Court if your DNA is changed / added to the mRNA operating system.[iv] And yes, studies show and the inventor of the technology demonstrates,  your DNA changes.[v]  Is Synthetic DNA added also?   This technology is evil and the creators and owners of it rule the world linking your thoughts to Artificial Intelligence.  Think the MATRIX, a perfect depiction of the AI computer using humans for energy, and p[lacing their bodies in a pod, their consciousness in a perpetual dream  state.  Many have been deceived by Pharmacia, sorcery,  and as the Bible says a strong delusion has been released.    Life is in the blood and it is interesting how the vaccine creates a spike protein that taints the blood and causes death.   The spike is poison and you’re producing it.  And what is growing in the veins is  causing major clots and death.  If you survive the genocide, how does the transhumanism tech work in humans?

How Does the Nano Tech in the Poke Control YOU\

The  evidence of nano tech machines in the body from the clot shot is over the top,  and would win in any clean court.   How will this technology control humans?   Magnetic nano tech is hosted in brain cells and will turn into micro receivers manipulated by low frequencies.   People won’t be able to think.  We covered in the vaccine madness podcast how this programing technology has been proven with zebra fish and mice.  A white paper also demonstrates this research , “with magnetic nanoparticles, scientists remotely control neurons and animal behavior.”[vi]

Do you remember when people were turning magnetic after the vaccine?  The fifth column has done amazing research on the morphing of humans into ‘things’  in the internet of things, recording a  phenomenon,:  self-assembling nano tech in the body  when hit with 5G.  Like so many others, they say this is a genocide that destroys your immune system.[vii].   The screen shots, from the Reese Report, below demonstrates what is in the vaccine, and  appears to show nano tech machines with a power generator multiplied by 5G.  This nano tech self-assembles in your body.   What do these nano tech machines do in you?   It appears they are an internal electronic system.   This is the technology behind the biohacked humans and the “no more free will,” discussed by the elite WEF crowd.  It appears, the elite are priming an army for chaos (Red Horse, reversal of Roe vs. Wade or other issues like civil war) and control.   “It is bio manipulation with nano tech, transistors, networks, nano routers emit MAC address, nano antennas to amplify signals, nano ac to dc, and codex logic gates for communication” (Reese, 2022).  It’s perfect if your wicked and want to run the world.

You won’t believe how deep the bio tech is and being pushed in the medical community..

NIH pushes Transhumanism Tech





[vi] With magnetic nanoparticles, scientists remotely control neurons and animal behavior — ScienceDaily


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