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Deep State’s Four-Pronged Attack on Food Supply: Unveiling the Strategic Pillars of Destruction.. FDR: 351

Deep State’s Four-Pronged Attack on Food Supply: Unveiling the Strategic Pillars of Destruction.. FDR: 351

War on your Food Scorecard all by Design

War on God’s Creation

Military personnel could find laboratory grown meat in their ration packs as Pentagon bosses scratch around for ways to reduce their impact on climate change. Bioengineering company BioMADE came up with the idea after receiving $500 million in Defense department funding to reduce its carbon footprint. But their plan to roll out ‘cell based meat’ has left a nasty taste in the mouth of veterans who have accused Pentagon bosses of treating front line soldiers like ‘lab rats’.  They are making fake milk according to MIT.

Scorecard of Food Supply Destruction with Four Platforms

Toxic Take Down

  • Defilement of livestock with mRNA tech
  • Vaccines in Vegetables – tech is here
  • Toxic spills destroying farmland (Palestine OH)
  • War on raw milk
  • Nano Tech / GMO Foods / Chemicals in Food
  • Fluoride in the H20 / approval of toxic chemicals
  • WEF idea – ticks to make you allergic to beef
  • Pollution of Farmland with crap / sludge
  • Eat the bugs – Chitin to synthetic borg


Supply Chain Disruption – Inflation

  • Culling of the Chickens and soon cows (pcr test)
  • Give fake beef / fake milk / fake everything
  • Monopoly of beef processors (foreign actors)
  • Manufacturing Food plants, warehouses, fertilizer plants being destroyed around the world
  • Water Shipping Route accidents
  • War on the bees – pollinators

Green Terrorism – order out of chaos

  • DEW weapon evidence in TX – Gov burned grassland that was not impacted by the fires
  • Weather weapons against farm land
  • Chemtrails – patents for seeds grow in aluminum

War on Farmers / Gardens

  • Gates Buying up Farmland while pushing Fake Food
  • Corresponds with the Navy Map
  • China buying up farmland while invading country
  • Gardens considered to produce Carbon Dioxide
  • The Dutch government proposal to cut harmful emissions, including a significant reduction in livestock. Estimate that 11,200 farms will have to close and another 17,600 farmers will have to significantly reduce their livestock.
  • Water Rights – talked already
  • Litigation on organic Farmers of patented seeds
  • Land rights – Bundy Cattle scam
  • War on Coops – Amish case
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