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Ebola Vaccine Shedding – Cover Story for a Nano Tech Bio Weapon in YOU? FDR: 314

Ebola Vaccine Shedding – Cover Story for a Nano Tech Bio Weapon in YOU? FDR: 314

Ebola Vaccine Shedding – Cover for Nano Tech in YOU?

CNN is covering a mass extinction event but is this the elites way to eliminate you?   Nowhere did they cover the poison chemicals, EMF, Chemtrails, nano tech, dumping plastics in the ocean, or Pharmacia in the water.  There have been five major mass extinctions in the history of life, each with different causes and consequences. The most recent one was 66 million years ago, when an asteroid hit the planet and wiped out the dinosaurs and many other species. Scientists say that we are currently in the sixth mass extinction, caused by human activities that have destroyed habitats and altered the climate. The article warns that this could have dire implications for the future of biodiversity and humanity, unless we take urgent action to conserve and restore nature. The article also describes some of the lessons we can learn from the past mass extinctions, such as how life adapts and evolves after a catastrophe, and how some groups of organisms survive better than others. The article cites several experts and studies to support its claims, and provides some examples of species that have gone extinct or are threatened by extinction. The article ends with a hopeful note, saying that there is still time to prevent the worst outcomes of the sixth mass extinction, if we act now.   They blame human activities have altered the climate and that this could have dire implications for the future of biodiversity and humanity. The article also cited a study that found that climate change is one of the main drivers of species loss, along with habitat destruction, overexploitation, pollution, and invasive species.

We know nano tech is in you that can be activated to kill.   What We Know About The Marburg Agenda Based on Todd Callender Firm’s Research:

1) The vaxxed were injected with spiked proteins that have inserts or payloads of HIV, Marburg, and Ebola

2) These HIV, Marburg, and Ebola payloads stay dormant in packages of lipid nanoparticles derived from Hydrogel.

3) These payloads consisting of all 3 viruses (HIV, Marburg, and Ebola) can each be activated by 5G frequency set at specific hertz respective to each disease.

4) The next plandemic is a Marburg outbreak which will be released upon the broadcast of a 18 gigahertz signal from the 5G system that was deployed throughout the world during the Covid crises.

5) This broadcast will be transmitted for one minute, 3 times in pulses and will cause the lipid nanoparticles to swell up and release the Marburg payloads thereby causing a Marburg Epidemic.

6) These pulses will also activate the CRISPR technology in the injected ( NOTE: CRISPER Involves gene editing & gene deletion) which will cause the deletion of the 1p36 gene. The deletion of the 1p36 gene disconnects a person from their neocortex and induces a propensity to bite.

7) This is why the US military and the CDC have been preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. They are preparing to defend against 5 different classes of Zombies. ( NOTE: The CDC has a Zombie apocalypse preparedness guide on their website and Amazons new terms of service uses language that suggests they are aware of a coming zombie apocalypse)

8) CRISPR technology will also be used to delete the God gene in those that are injected and are allowed to live rendering them incapable of any connection with God and their soul.

9) According to Todd Callender, the first 2 doses of the Covid injection was to install the software along with the DARPA hydrogel lipid nanoparticles payload packages. The monthly Booster shot is to install the hardware which he says is the graphene oxide that will be in every monthly booster shot.

10) People who took the Covid injection will have to keep taking the monthly booster shots or they will die if they dont.  Source:

Alarming that healthcare workers are getting a live Ebola vaccine.   Is this a real vaccine for they plan to launch via the nano tech weapon in you Ebola or is this the excuse to spread it for the vaccine is live?

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