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Has the Veil been Lifted? FDR 328

Has the Veil been Lifted? FDR 328

War on the Constitution / Seals

We cover the war on the Constitution including the VP red gun flag laws, arming illegals, opening jails in Venezuela and sending to the USA.   This is the communist army that will be activated especially if Trump is elected with the fake right left narrative.

War on Food – Cows test Positive for Bird Flu

Cows have now supposedly tested positive for bird flu.   What does that mean?   Will cows be culled and defiled with mRNA tech?

Veil been Opened?

Is there something beyond the article and will this become a trend people seeing demons on others or pictures.   Were they poked?    The articles discuss a man named Victor Sharrah, who suffers from a rare neurological disorder called Prosopometamorphopsia (PMO)12. This condition causes people’s faces to appear distorted, often in a way that is described as ‘demonic.  Sharrah, a 59-year-old from Clarksville, Tennessee, began experiencing these symptoms suddenly in November 2020. He described the faces as being stretched out and widened, with pointy ears and deep grooves in their foreheads, cheeks, and chins. The distortions only occur when he sees people in person, not in photographs or on screens. Researchers at Dartmouth College were able to create a digital representation of what Sharrah has been experiencing. They asked him to describe the differences between photographs of people’s faces and the real-life people standing in front of him, then used image-editing software to modify the pictures to match Sharrah’s description. PMO is extremely rare, with fewer than 100 published case reports. It is thought to be caused by dysfunction in the area of the brain that handles facial processing. Some cases have been linked to head trauma, stroke, epilepsy, or migraines, but others occur without obvious structural changes in the brain. In Sharrah’s case, possible triggers could be carbon monoxide poisoning he experienced four months before his symptoms started, or a significant head injury he had at age 43.  Sources:  NBC News, Global News,

Man Arrested for Eating Human Leg in Train Accident: A man named Resendo Tellez was arrested for allegedly removing a severed leg from the scene of a train accident and consuming it12345The incident occurred when an Amtrak train in southern California struck and killed a pedestrian, severing their leg4Tellez, who happened upon the scene, reportedly took the severed leg and was later seen eating it4He was charged with “removal of human remains from other than a cemetery”2.

Videos of Haitian Armed Gangs Eating Humans: There have been viral videos circulating on social media platforms that show members of a Haitian gang consuming human body parts6. However, the authenticity of these videos has been questioned by the fake MSN. Some sources claim that the video is two years old and unrelated to the current unrest in Haiti87.   It is like we are getting played with stories to next bring in censorship later on what is truth.


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