How will they Merge you With Machines? FDR: 344

How will they Merge you With Machines? FDR: 344

Contact lenses to Monitor Work Performance – Big Brother and Mind Controlism tech?

There are several companies working on developing smart contact lenses that can function as computers.  Innovega: This company is working on a soft contact lens that can produce a display anywhere in the eye’s vision. Google: The tech giant has invested in trying to develop lenses that can be used to measure blood glucose, though this has proven to be tricky. Samsung: Samsung has also explored the field of smart contact lenses.  Microsoft, Sony, Sensimed, Medella, and Novartis: These companies are also working on creating enhanced views through smart contact lenses.   I had a dream companies would start to use this tech to monitor productivity but it caused people to lose morals.  How will this be used with the nano tech in all of us?   Some CPU Computer Contact Questions:

Predictive Policing: Bioengineered devices like smart contact lenses could provide additional data points for predictive models used by law enforcement agencies to anticipate criminal activity.

Surveillance: Devices like smart contact lenses could potentially be used to collect a wealth of data about individuals’ activities, behaviors, and even emotional states, raising significant privacy concerns.

Internet of Bodies (IoB): As part of the IoB, devices like smart contact lenses could potentially be networked together, providing a continuous stream of biometric and behavioral data. This could enable real-time monitoring of individuals’ health, activities, and even emotions.

Microsoft’s Patent 060606: This patent describes a system that uses body activity data to mine cryptocurrency. It highlights the potential for bioengineered devices to be used in ways that could impact individuals’ privacy and autonomy

Powering Nanotechnology Using Body Energy: Researchers are investigating ways to harness the body’s energy to power nanodevices. For instance, a team of researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has invented a low-cost, innovative way to harvest waste energy from Visible Light Communication (VLC) by using the human body as an antenna1. This waste energy can be recycled to power an array of wearable devices, or even, perhaps, larger electronics1.

Using the Human Body as an Antenna: The concept of using the human body as an antenna is also being explored. A project called Humantenna uses the human body as an antenna for sensing whole-body gestures2. This approach requires minimal instrumentation to the user and enables truly mobile applications2. Another research at Purdue University has developed a new method of communication that will keep medical devices, wearables, and any other devices on or near the body more secure than they are using low-power wireless signals to communicate with one another3.  1 2ubicomplab.cs.washington.edu3,

More about the Computer Contact Project:  “Smart contact lenses bring ‘invisible computing’ into the eye of the beholder” from Mastercard Newsroom: Mojo Vision, a California-based company, has developed smart contact lenses that put micro-LEDs and AR graphics on the user’s eye. The company is now conducting in-eye testing of its device. The CEO of Mojo Vision, Drew Perkins, was the first to conduct an on-eye demo of an augmented reality smart contact lens. The Mojo Lens prototype is said to accelerate the development of “invisible computing”, an emerging field where data is available and presented to users only when needed. The lenses are built with a short-range proprietary wireless radio, a tiny ARM CPU, and motion tracking in the form of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. The company hopes that the Mojo Lens will change the lives of individuals with vision impairment by improving their ability to perform daily tasks. Perkins also envisions athletes using the lens to stay focused, train harder, and reach peak performance1.While there is no release date set yet, the company now has a testing platform that they can refine and bring to the FDA for approval. Mojo Vision and other AR devices could give us all our own real-world J.A.R.V.I.S., the user interface AI that helped Tony Stark conquer his enemies in the Marvel Universe.  This is how it will be sold, as a superpower.

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