NATO Death by the Deagel Report. FDR: 215

NATO Death by the Deagel Report. FDR: 215

This VCAST, We Slice and Dice Deagel Death Predictions by NATO, 5G, and Percent of Population poked, Summary Below

We cover in this VCAST, Why the West must fall: War Against Old Roman Empire / Christian Nations / Freedom – WHY – bring on the anti Christ Or to some lost soul religions, bring in their FAKE Messiah. Solutions to unlock your spiritual gifts and how to support this ministry and more importantly save souls. Let no man like trump or Putin fool you. Where is 5G implemented the most? What percent of the country is poked. Review Putin’s Speech that paves the way for a first strike on the USA. What countries are hit the hardest as a percent of dead. What percent of countries will die as a percent of total nations. What percent of NATO countries die. How does Israel fare with Deagels death predictions. What is the highest percent country to lose it’s population.

Get Ready for an EMP to Kill off 200 Million Americans

EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse, refers to a burst of electromagnetic radiation that can disrupt or damage electronic devices and electrical systems. EMPs can be caused by natural events, such as solar flares or coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the sun, or by human-made sources, such as nuclear detonations.

  1. Solar EMP: A solar EMP occurs when the sun releases a massive amount of energy in the form of a solar flare or CME. These events can release a surge of electromagnetic radiation into space, potentially affecting electronic systems on Earth if they are exposed to the radiation. While solar EMPs can cause disruptions to communication systems and electrical grids, Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field offer some protection.
  2. Nuclear EMP: A nuclear EMP is generated by a high-altitude nuclear detonation. The detonation releases an intense burst of electromagnetic radiation that can affect electronic devices and power grids over a wide area. The EMP effect is a result of the interaction between the nuclear detonation and the Earth’s magnetic field. A nuclear EMP has the potential to cause widespread damage to critical infrastructure and disrupt electronic communications.

It is important to note that while EMPs have the potential to cause significant disruption to electrical and electronic systems, the impact and extent of damage depend on various factors, including the altitude, size, and proximity of the event, as well as the resilience and protection measures in place for critical infrastructure.

Efforts are made to develop technologies and strategies to mitigate the effects of EMP events, including hardening electronic systems, shielding critical infrastructure, and establishing contingency plans for recovery and restoration.

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EMP & Lightning Protection – EMP Shield

Deagel Report – admitted by Big Brother 

The Deagel report is an annual forecast that projects various economic, demographic, and military indicators for countries around the world, including population, GDP, and military spending, among others. The report gained attention due to its stark projection of a significant decline in the population of the United States by 2025, from around 327 million in 2017 to around 99 million in 2025, a decrease of over 70%. However, it’s important to note that the report does not provide clear explanations or methodologies for its projections, which has led to skepticism and criticism.  AICB

Turkey is the Wild Card with NATO

Do you remember when Turkey cut off the electricity on a USA military base?    It is true that Turkey has had differences and disagreements with NATO on certain issues. For example, Turkey has expressed concerns about the threat posed by Kurdish militant groups in Syria and has conducted military operations against them, which some NATO members have criticized. Turkey has also pursued its own national security interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, which has led to tensions with other NATO members, particularly Greece and Cyprus, over maritime borders and energy resources.

In addition, Turkey has expressed dissatisfaction with certain NATO decisions, such as the alliance’s response to the conflict in Syria and its stance on the 2016 failed coup attempt in Turkey. These differences have led to strains in Turkey’s relationship with some NATO member states and have caused some observers to question Turkey’s alignment with NATO policies and actions.   AICB

Even the deep state admits poking Russia.

  1. Allegations of Aggressiveness: NATO has been accused of being overly aggressive or expansionist by some critics, particularly from countries that are not members of the alliance or have geopolitical differences with NATO members. These critics argue that NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe and its military activities near Russia’s borders have heightened tensions and contributed to an escalation of the security situation in those regions.
  2. Lack of Autonomy for Member States: Some critics argue that NATO restricts the sovereignty and autonomy of its member states by requiring them to align their defense and security policies with those of the alliance. They argue that this limits the decision-making autonomy of member states and may lead to conflicts of interest or compromises in national policies.
  3. Disproportionate Influence of the United States: NATO is often criticized for being dominated by the United States, both in terms of military capabilities and decision-making. Some critics argue that this results in an imbalance of power within the alliance, with the U.S. wielding disproportionate influence over NATO policies and actions.
  4. Military Intervention and Civilian Casualties: NATO has been involved in military interventions in various conflicts, such as the Balkans and Afghanistan, which have resulted in civilian casualties. Critics have raised concerns about the human cost of these interventions, including civilian deaths and injuries, and the impact on local populations.
  5. Defense Spending and Budget Issues: NATO requires its member states to commit to spending at least 2% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on defense, but not all member states meet this target. Some critics argue that this creates an uneven burden-sharing among member states, with some countries disproportionately contributing to the alliance’s budget, while others do not meet their financial commitments.
  6. Transparency and Democratic Accountability: NATO has been criticized for its perceived lack of transparency and democratic accountability in decision-making processes. Critics argue that NATO’s decision-making procedures are opaque and not fully inclusive, which may result in policies being made without sufficient input or scrutiny from member states or the public.  AICB


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