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No Prison Time for Altered Memories: Lucifer’s Army Mind Control Tech. FDR: 352

No Prison Time for Altered Memories: Lucifer’s Army Mind Control Tech. FDR: 352

End of Prisons: Freedom Through Altered Memories Technology

Blade Runner to life = Beast Prison System

We are getting programed of Mind Controlsim Technology to allow prisoners to accept no jail time for their memory changed / erased / maybe controlled.   This is the beast system called mind controlism.   The Seeds of Men will not cleave.  The Daily Mail article discusses a concept called “Cognify,” which proposes a futuristic prison system. In this system, synthetic memories of a person’s crime would be implanted into their brain, showing the victim’s perspective. The goal is to help criminals learn from their past by inducing feelings of remorse or regret. The memories would be created using AI-generated content and could last for several minutes, feeling like years to the criminal. The technology targets specific brain regions responsible for memory and reasoning. While still theoretical, it aims to revolutionize rehabilitation in prisons.

Mind Controlism is real tech

From Big Think Article, “The researchers successfully implanted a false memory into a mouse’s mind. They placed the mouse inside a metal box, and it displayed a fear response as if it had received an electrical shock there, even though it hadn’t. This experiment  involved identifying neurons associated with encoding memory and rewriting one. The breakthrough was possible due to research from Oxford that discovered how short-term memories are transferred into long-term memory. Memories are stored in groups of neurons known as engrams. Ramirez and Liu used a technique called optogenetics, which uses lasers to stimulate genetically engineered cells designed to react to them. They injected a biochemical cocktail into the brains of genetically engineered mice. This cocktail contained a light-sensitive protein called channelrhodopsin. The researchers found they could reactivate a memory by flooding certain neurons with laser light. They proved they could identify certain engrams by reactivating a memory associated with fear. After the experiment, the mouse’s brain tissues were examined under a microscope. Those associated with a specific memory glowed green due to the injected chemical”.  Source:

VCAST discusses the Evil that Could Happen with this TECH

  • They will push this technology to cure Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and depression.
  • Evil behind this to influence a person’s behavior, beliefs, or actions
  • False Witness / witness tampering
  • Dictatorship control / mind slaves
  • Social engineering – lose soul / promote sin
  • Willing sex slaves / promote sin
  • Crimes – think false flags / fall guys for crime
  • Steal money – change mind of your assets
  • Lose free will..
  • Eliminate prisoners / people to come to Christ
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