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Politics is Theater.. The NWO Victim to Hero Playbook Exposed. FDR 339

Politics is Theater.. The NWO Victim to Hero Playbook Exposed. FDR 339

Are we Just Watching Political Theater?

We are getting played that politics is real.   Many of leaders have hung out at Epstein’s mansion like Trump according to an eye witness (Trunews interview)  that have camera’s in every room.  Epstein to Trump according to the TruNews interview “She is not for you.”   She also said Trumps x wife recruited young promising girls at schools with GM.    Are all our leaders puppets for Israel, the women in Revelation that runs the Kings of the earth?   If you follow the headlines closely, Trump is being primed to fight and win against all evil.   Remember, every story needs a victim to become a hero to expel the villain.   It appears to sensational and I pray the script falls on it’s face.

Why does the Father (Trump) of the Devil Juice (Vaccine) disdain RFK JR?

Maybe this is about the Bill Maher and RFK Jr. Debate on Vaccines

  • 25% of Americans believe they know someone who died because of the C19 shots
  • 52% of Americans believe that the vaccines are causing injuries, including death.
  • In Pfizer’s own trials, “people who got the vaccine had a 23% higher death rate from all causes at the end of that study.”


BILL MAHER: “But that [23% higher death rate] could not be the disease itself?”

KENNEDY: “If it is, then the vaccine doesn’t work, doesn’t it?”

Noahide Law Trump – Use the Military to expel the Illegals

It will get so bad with the arming of illegals that the American people will beg for the military to clean up the criminals allowed to come into the country.    But when will the military turn on Christians to implement Noahide Laws that will behead true Christians.

Jewish Whistle Blower of the Poison Poke

A Jewish man claims to have worked on Trump’s campaign and a former Zionist.    He confirms that many Rabbis have said about how US / West is Edom and must be culled.   Remember, Jews are looking for their Messiah that will destroy the Roman Empire that is the West and USA = Edom.   This is according to multiple Rabbis as well.    Your under attack and your asleep at the wheel.  The Synagogue of Satan wants you to be their pets.   Pray Jews find Christ.    He said Trump has been declared to be Israels Messiah (by some orthodox Rabbis that run the USA).

Why Suppression of the manifesto of the Trump Trial man that burned himself?

Max Azzarello described himself as an investigative researcher, his research said.  He set himself on fire as an extreme act of protest. His manifesto denounces what he calls a “planetary multi-trillion-dollar Ponzi scheme“ and a “totalitarian con”. He believes that the public are victims of a “totalitarian con” and that the government, along with many of their allies, is about to hit us with an “apocalyptic fascist world coup”. He criticizes both political parties, claiming that the Democrat vs. Republican division has been entirely manufactured.

Last, we cover scripture and how it ties to Smart Dust and the fourth beast system.   Interesting insight with video evidence of magnetic smart dust in the ground to measure and control all things.

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