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Push for Ai Rights, Rise of the Beast System. FDR: 346

Push for Ai Rights, Rise of the Beast System. FDR: 346

Ai God – Tricks for Acceptances

Ai needs to spy on everyone including in you

Ai will know everything and track everything.   From Barrons: “AI systems have a hunger for data to input but they produce vast amounts of data too. Even if it is incorrect, she said, this output “has power to classify, order and direct our lives in ways that we should be equally concerned about”. And she pointed to the power imbalances created by an industry controlled by “a handful of surveillance giants” that are “largely unaccountable”.

Push for Ai Rights

Don’t be fooled about lawsuits for the elite are giving robots and ai rights vs abolishing the technology.   This is fallen angel technology in our opinion. An article by MSN. “By the year 2025, robots and machines driven by artificial intelligence (AI) are predicted to perform half of all productive functions in the workplace. What is not clear is whether the robots will have any worker rights. Already there have been acts of violence against these machines.  But as robots develop more advanced artificial intelligence empowering them to think and act like humans, legal standards need to change.”  How do new laws link to Transhumanism.  If your DNA is changed, are you still human.  I remember years ago a VCAST, guy was warning robots are getting more protection and humans less..

No Jobs left for Anyone

From Financial Times, “Eventually, robots equipped with artificial general intelligence (AGI) — the same level of intelligence as a human — will be capable of designing and making things, Rose predicts. “You could ask a sufficiently powerful AGI [robot] to design a new battery and then manufacture it.”Jobs lost: production-line workers, quality-control assessors, and machine operators Adding AI to manufacturing robots — which do not demand pay rises or go on strike — has the potential to make millions of traditional manufacturing roles redundant.”  The increase of minimum wage will push everyone to robots.   This clown said his quantum computers speech to other dimensions.

The Future Ai God Enslavement Infrastructure is Here

Ai cops.  Ai cop drowns.   Ai lawyers.   Ai Judges and Ai Doctors.  From, “Police say drones are useful to monitor hostage situations or get a clear view of a barricaded suspect. Drones can also help search for fugitives or missing persons, and they can also provide thermal readings for firefighters.”

You have to put into perspective as this beast system is being built, war is destroying the old infrastructure include weather manipulation and climate policy.     This funnels into carbon dioxide trackers and ID2020 excuses.

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