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Tilt of the Globe has Changed by Humans Extracting Water, please: FDR: 255

Tilt of the Globe has Changed by Humans Extracting Water, please: FDR: 255

Extracting Water or the Climate Changes the Tilt of the Earth – What?

Water, an essential resource for all life on Earth, has increasingly become a focal point of concern and controversy in recent years. From efforts to transform waste into clean water to the implementation of smart meters, and even claims of the Earth shifting due to groundwater extraction, there is a growing perception of a “war on water” and control over this precious resource to control you. In this write-up, we will explore these topics, examining the World Bank’s involvement in poop-to-water initiatives, the role of smart meters, and the concerns surrounding groundwater extraction.

In many parts of the world, access to clean water remains a significant challenge. The World Bank, an international financial institution, has been involved in various initiatives aimed at addressing this man made issue since primary water exists that is limitless. One notable project is the “poop to water” approach, which focuses on converting wastewater into reusable water. This process involves the treatment of sewage to remove contaminants and transform it into water suitable for agricultural or industrial purposes. The World Bank has supported such initiatives, recognizing the so called potential benefits in terms of public health, environmental sustainability, and water conservation.   I say, look into Libya’s primary water operation to green the deserts.   Look into the ocean below that is 3 times bigger than the surface oceans.

The deployment of smart meters in water management has gained traction as a means to track and optimize water consumption. Similar to how smart meters are used in the electricity sector, these devices provide real-time data on water usage, enabling more efficient allocation and conservation efforts. Proponents argue that smart meters empower the technocrats to monitor and control your water consumption, identify leaks, and adopt more sustainable practices. Critics, however, voice concerns over privacy, control, price hikes, and the possibility of monopolistic control over water resources.

One recent concern gaining attention is the impact of extensive groundwater extraction on the Earth’s stability and tilt – what.   A study suggest that excessive pumping of groundwater can cause the globe to shift its tilt.    Water finds its level.  What is the psyop here?   To control the water?   People are seeing the moon in strange places.   Is this an excuse?    Is time getting faster?    Is this to control you?  Is this to cover for Luke 21, Mark 13, and Mathew 24 of the signs in the heavens?



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