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Why Corporations Don’t Care about Being WOKE and Going Broke, Great Economic Dollar Collapse by Design: FDR: 251

Why Corporations Don’t Care about Being WOKE and Going Broke, Great Economic Dollar Collapse by Design: FDR: 251

ESG ties to  CBDC ties to Universal Basic Income

The relationship between ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) rules, CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), government tax breaks, and incentives can vary based on specific policies and regulations implemented by each country or jurisdiction. It’s important to note that as an AI language model, I can provide a general perspective, but the specific details may vary depending on the region.

  1. ESG and CBDCs: CBDCs are digital currencies issued and regulated by central banks. If a government promotes ESG principles and incentivizes companies that follow those rules, it could potentially integrate ESG criteria into the distribution or allocation of CBDCs. For instance, companies that meet specific ESG benchmarks or demonstrate sustainable practices could be rewarded with preferential access to CBDCs, such as lower transaction fees or access to liquidity facilities.
  2. Tax breaks and incentives: Governments often use tax breaks and incentives to promote desired behaviors and practices among companies. If a government prioritizes ESG criteria and wants to encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices, it could provide tax breaks or incentives to those that align with ESG principles. These benefits could include reduced tax rates, grants, subsidies, or other forms of financial support.

The relationship between consumer preferences and corporate behavior is complex and can vary based on numerous factors. While some companies may experience backlash from consumers due to perceived “woke” stances, it’s important to recognize that consumer sentiment can also shift over time. Additionally, the impact on market share can depend on various factors such as the target market, the specific industry, and the overall brand reputation.   But if you own nothing and like it according to the WEF, consumer demand and preference won’t matter.    You’ll not have a choice.   Anything you want will be given to you via technocracy.

Universal basic income (UBI) and programmable money are separate concepts that can influence economic dynamics but might not directly address the issue of consumer support for companies. UBI refers to a system where all individuals in a given population receive a regular income from the government unconditionally. Programmable money, on the other hand, refers to digital currencies that can have predefined conditions or rules attached to them, such as spending restrictions or expiration dates.   You’ll only be able to spend money with the ESG compliant communist companies.    This is a money system for slaves that will be programed and allowed to be spent only with ESG companies.    It is your enslavement.

While UBI and programmable money can have broader societal and economic implications, their direct impact on consumer preferences or company support is more indirect. It’s important to note that the success and growth of companies depend on various factors, including consumer demand, competitive advantages, and the ability to adapt to changing market dynamics. The integration of ESG principles, coupled with government incentives and digital currencies, can provide a framework for companies to align their practices with sustainable goals and potentially benefit from associated rewards or support.   In other words, to control the slaves that is you.

This all Screams Beast System to me.

  1. Universal Basic Income (UBI): UBI is a system where individuals receive a regular income from the government unconditionally. In the context of the “beast system,” one could speculate that UBI might be used as a means of control. If the government were to make UBI conditional upon accepting a mark or identifier, it could be seen as a mechanism to exert influence over people’s lives. This would align with the concept mentioned in Revelation, where those without the mark would be unable to participate in economic activities.
  2. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): CBDCs are digital currencies issued and regulated by central banks. Hypothetically, if a government were to introduce a CBDC as the primary form of currency, it could enable more centralized control over financial transactions. This could potentially be linked to the idea of a mark or identifier required for buying and selling. Individuals without the mark or identifier in the digital currency system might be excluded from economic participation, aligning with the interpretation of the “beast system.”
  3. ESG Rules: ESG rules refer to environmental, social, and governance criteria that companies are encouraged to follow. In the context of the “beast system,” one could speculate that certain ESG rules might be enforced as part of the mark or identifier system. For example, companies that comply with specific sustainability or social responsibility standards could receive preferential treatment, allowing them to participate in economic activities. Conversely, companies that do not meet these criteria might face limitations or exclusion from the system.

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