Will USA be Invaded? Final Days Report #18

Will USA be Invaded? Final Days Report #18

All the evidence appears USA will be Judged by God for our Wicked Behavior.  Repent…

Deagel Report Says 70% of Americans will Die by 2025

How are we going to be taken out?  Vaccines, war, famine, electrical grid down or all the before mentioned?

On The Shocking 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast: War, Population Reduction, & The Collapse Of The West

Is an Army of Afghanistan Fighting Age Brought into the USA

Is the invasion here to create terror?   They are not forced to be vaccinated and neither are Chinese students in the USA..   Very interesting.   Do the Marxists not want these people to be vaccine injured but rather a healthy terror group?  https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/10/jeff-rense-those-exempt-from-needing-the-vaccine-will-astound-you-2677569.html

Are China Troops in Canada, Cuba and in the USA?


In late 2019, Canada and China signed a treaty that allows the People’s Liberation Army of China to station Chinese troops in Canada, beginning in 2020. It has long been rumored that China has been massing troops in southern Mexico. But the rumors that Chinese troops had set up bases in Canada was pretty much laughed off until video emerged of Chinese troops marching along a road in Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, British Columbia. (see 35 second video below) https://exonews.org/china-amassing-tens-of-thousands-of-troops-in-canada/

Are Russian Troops in Cuba?


Bidens Link to China – $1.5 Billion Dollar Hedge Fund


Your Country has Marxists at the Top


General Milley also pushes Marxist books.

Has the USA Invasion and Takeover Started?

7 years of dreams about the destruction of the USA. Pray this nation repents and God spares us.  O let the nations be glad and sing for joy: for thou shalt judge the people righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Selah.   Appears the deliberate destruction of the USA.

Read Deuteronomy 28 about blessings and a curse.    Pray for Grace.

Even Chat Bot agrees that open borders can lead to suitcase nukes and coordinated attacks before a major invasion.   We have been sold out.

  1. Political takeover: In a scenario where a country adopts a policy of open borders without proper regulations and enforcement mechanisms, it is possible that individuals or groups with a specific political agenda could exploit the situation to gain control or influence over the government. For example, a foreign political party or extremist group could infiltrate the country through open borders and attempt to overthrow or manipulate the political system from within.
  2. Economic takeover: If a country has open borders without proper economic regulations, it could potentially face an influx of foreign individuals or corporations that take advantage of the situation to gain control over key industries, resources, or markets. This could lead to economic dominance by foreign entities and potentially result in a loss of sovereignty or economic control for the country.
  3. Social disruption: Open borders could potentially lead to significant demographic changes within a country, which could result in social disruptions or tensions. For example, an unregulated flow of immigrants or refugees across open borders could strain social services, infrastructure, and resources, leading to social unrest, cultural conflicts, or even breakdowns in law and order.
  4. Security threats: Open borders without proper security measures could potentially result in increased security risks, including the infiltration of criminal organizations, terrorists, or other malicious actors. These threats could pose risks to public safety, national security, and sovereignty.
  5. Loss of identity and culture: In a scenario where open borders result in a rapid influx of immigrants or refugees with different cultural backgrounds, there may be concerns about the dilution or erosion of the native identity and culture of the country. This could lead to debates and conflicts over issues such as language, religion, values, and tradition

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