Seal One Has Opened
Scott's First Prophetic E-Book

Available for Download: Scott's First eBook

Both timely and prophetic, Scott’s first eBook, titled: “Seal One Has Opened”, is available for purchase.

This eBook explores the circumstances in which its author, Scott, host of SJWellFire: Final Days Report, has been guided by God through his dreams to understand the wicked world in which we live today, as well as the direction that this world is going.  In this book, Scott addresses many subjects, including Revelation 9, transhumanism, the Mark of the Beast, and much more.

See the summary of Scott’s new eBook below.

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Seal One Has Opened

The Lord has shown Scott, through dreams and research, how to unlock the Bible in these final days with non-traditional insights that aren’t taught in seminary schools.  This world belongs to Satan, and the deception is so immense, that it’s hard to wrap our minds around the extent of the wickedness of his playbook, and how easy it is for him to kill, steal, and destroy souls.

In this book, we’ll observe how the First Seal has been opened, in conjunction with the first part of Revelation 9, which includes plagues using “pharmakeia”.  This First Seal is the keystone for building Satan’s fourth and final One-World government system, which was spoken of by Daniel.

Gene Corruption

A game-changing bio release has been in the planning for years, and it has well funded, researched, and even has had patented Covid tests before its release.

Why?  The goal of Satan and his elitists is to have us all “poked” with an ID and a new “operating system”, so that we will become an “operating system” with an ID.

The Bible talks about “pharmakeia” in the last days.  When reviewing the Greek concordance definition of this word, it can include sorcery, poison and witchcraft.  Through revelatory dreams, we’ve seen that this is what will be expected, along with the priming of the accompanying Second, Third and Fourth Seals, as well as continuing waves of Seal One.

“Biological technology evolution”, also known as gene corruption, is another sign that we’re in the End of Days, and which is linked to the rise of the Fourth Beast’s system.  Just as in the Days of Noah, this gene corruption is continuing today with the altering of people’s God-given DNA/genes via MRNa and Nano Technology in the “poke” (also known as the “witches brew” or “operating system”).  Already, animals (cows) are fair game for recently FDA approved gene altering.

The MRNa technology (called an “operating system” by a Bayer executive at the World Economic Forum) is also linked to gene therapy that poisons the temple of God.  According to the elite, “free will is dead.”


In Seal One Has Opened, Scott also unlocks how the Abomination of Desolation may not be about a third temple being built in Israel, but rather a defilement of the temple of God, which is you!  Ultimately, the Abomination of Desolation is related to transhumanism, connecting you to the satanic hive mind, managed by artificial intelligence, which is the Antichrist’s consciousness in quantum computers.

From Transhumanism is defined as the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.”  This also includes coverage of why futurists already say that we are “Hackable animals”.

The Mark of the Beast 

The Fourth Beast system (the final empire at the End of Days, spoken of by Daniel) is really about people being hooked to artificial intelligence, which is iron (graphene oxide) mixed with clay (people).  This is transhumanism.

If someone survives this poison, his brain and nervous system will be rewired to make him more easily controlled.  Scott believes that this is the priming for the Mark of the Beast, and he declares that he wouldn’t take this poisonous poke for a billion dollars!

In Seal One Has Opened, we will also prove how this End of Days Beast system will allow the Antichrist and Satan to appear to be omnipresent, allowing them to counterfeit one of God’s attributes.

Finally, we will also discuss how the Ten Kingdoms in the Book of Revelation, which will make war with the Whore (the harlot church), and which will become “one mind”, might just be Big Tech companies.

But, it all starts with Seal one.  This wild book is driven by dreams and visions that are coming true.