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Topic: Beast Technology

These posts allude to the notion of the symbolic “beast” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, particularly Revelation 13. This passage describes a beast with authority over the world, and it is associated with a mark that people are compelled to receive on their foreheads or right hands. This mark, often referred to as the “Mark of the Beast,” is believed to signify allegiance to an antichristian system.

In modern discussions, “Beast Technology” may encompass the intersection of technology, surveillance, and control, with concerns about how AI (Artificial Intelligence), advanced surveillance systems, and the introduction of digital currencies like CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) could potentially be used to infringe on personal liberties and enforce allegiance to a global authority, paralleling the biblical prophecy of the “Mark of the Beast.”

The concept raises questions about the implications of emerging technologies in relation to individual freedom and biblical end-times prophecy.

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