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7 Deceptions / False Narratives and some being pushed by the so called Truth Movement. FDR: 318

7 Deceptions / False Narratives and some being pushed by the so called Truth Movement. FDR: 318

False Narratives / Do Not be Deceived

  1. Congress Cares about Kids on Social Media. If So, They would stop the Vaccine Immunization Act, Fluoride in you water.  The reason why they are going after social media is  Gov, Lost the Narrative and they must censor it.
  2. White Hats are in Charge. What a joke, some so called truthers have people believing in a new financial system that sounds like the MOTB. Remember, the AC will come as false light and destroy the deep state or as said in the Bible, the Whore.  BRICS / CBDC = MOTB
  3.  Big Cyber Attack.   The global elite will shut down the grid and blame it on China, Russia etc.    This will kill off the population and bring on the AC.   Reember the Digital Plandemic – Klaus Schwab
  4.  Fix Your Heart with DNA Changing Meds.  Destroy the heart with the poison poke and next fix the heart with DNA changing medicine that takes away your God created DNA.  Search SJWellFire for the Heart Attack psyop.
  5.  Right and Left offers Real Choice.   For the most part, we are watching big time wrestling include the actor Trump that is being persecuted to come in as the savior.   Do you really think your FED votes count?  Why does nothing ever change? It is One Big Club..  Order Out of Chaos.  Remember, Gov Abbott is Anti Free Speech with his Israel bill yet Jewish organizations are funding the invasion of Texas.  Hilarious.  People on the Right Push Carbon Tax like Elon Musk.   What a joke.
  6. Open Borders, TX is  Divide and Conquer.  Gov Abbott is shipping an army across America.    He should be arrested.   It would be cheaper to send them back to Mexico.   You would stop the invasion overnight.
  7. Need a FF to Eliminate Militias so be careful with events.  Pray your role to save souls and what and where you need to be. Don’t Fall for a Jan 6th type protest.   Remember, the world is the World a STAGE. STAGE?  And the Narrative is Christians are Wicke
  8. Who is Funding the invasion of  the West  and Why and how does this fit EOD
    Preparation is Biblical
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