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Are the Coasts Sinking? FDR: 191

Are the Coasts Sinking? FDR: 191

⁣Are the Coasts Sinking?

Where are they sinking the most? How will the elite get rid of Cash? Was there another plandemic exercise? Did 57000 cows die in India this fall? Why the continued effort to eat humans? Did Starbuck eliminate cash? 666 in the news to push CV19.

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Rest assured, God will have his revenge on those that did this trickery.  Revelation 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.’

Dark Days Ahead, Get Saved, Have JOY for the Book is REAL

We need to summarize before we close.   First, the elite want only 500 million people on the earth according to the Georgia Guidestones. The AI takedown of society is so evident with policy that does not make any sense priming Seal 2 (zombie army), Seal 3 (inflation) and Seal 4 (war).  I see 10 years of waves of Seal 1 since we have been programed with social distancing etc, and the elite fund gain of function bio terrorism.   You have to ask the question, why do the elite want everyone vaccinated with something that is obviously killing athletes with heart issues and destroying people’s immune systems at an alarming rate known as VAIDs.    There is so much death there is a new term called SAD, sudden adult death.   Just watch how the news promotes HIV medicine and excuses why HIV is back.    Prominent Doctors have done 70 autopsies and they explain the vaccine produce antibodies  in the blood that give breakthrough infections and autoimmune disease mostly in the heart (self-destruction). (Vliet, 2022)   We are under a genocide and I suspect there will be multiple waves of Seal 1.    But, fear him that can take your soul and your life, not man.   Keep your joy for he is good.

Never forget, the goal from the elite is not fascism, communism, socialism, it is Controlism brought to you by a Genetically Modified enslaved Human or GMeH better known as transhumanism.    This fits the Fourth Beast System, iron mixed with clay.  The elite call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2030, or Great Reset.  If you’ve taken this MRNa technology, there is case law that you are patentable and no longer have rights.  Fight this at all cost.   The elite think you’re a “hackable human.”  If you’ve taken this gene altering MRNa tech your patented tracked controlled and stacked. [i] Put your healing on Christ.   Biden is on the verge of signing over our USA rights to the WHO and the UN.   It’s evil.   Unless for war preparation against the USA, the lockdowns in Shanghai will come here since everything is beta tested by the elite.  This Iron mixed with clay operating system in you will connect to the anti-Christ consciences,  AI, and 5G.    You might have nano self-assembling technology in you that is beyond wicked since you did not consent to such nonsense.  Again, get saved and ask Christ to heal you.   Nothing is impossible, and if it is your time, try to save as many souls as you can.   We are living as the days of Noah.  When you see the anti christ calling himself God with AI tech, you know there is a short time.

Give Yourself To Christ and Trust His Word

I think a great sermon was from David Wilkerson about a troubled mind.   Lets say it again, if you are Christian and saved, you are the seed of Abraham that he would grant onto us that we would be delivered that we covered with Luke 1: 68=75.   My question, is Christ your first love?   If not, he needs to be.   This is about getting strong in faith in his word.   Let God release his power in your life.   Trust and put your fears worries on him.   Take the power of the new covenant with your sin and fear.   Let no weapon be formed against you prosper.

With the financial meltdown of Seal 3, we all will need more faith than ever before that God will provide for our needs.   Rick Wiles, a strong man of God, calls it miracle money where you share “miracle money,” with those that are doing Gods work.  The testimonies Rick’s ministry share of those that have asked for miracle money by faith is mind bending.    This is not about a prosperity doctrine but rather a faith test.

These days are wicked.   I’m looking to get simple.   Learn to live off the land and investigate permaculture.   If the grid is down, can you survive?      Be obedient to the Lord and his word and memorize Ephesians 6.   Ask God for a plan.    In the end Christians win and remember, this world is a test.  Get your house in order and make sure you are truly born again for judgement appears to be coming.

Again, Seal 1 has been opened that sets up the end of days on so many fronts like the fourth beast system rising, as the days of Noah, Abomination of Desolation (transhumanism), and Ten Kingdoms that are tech companies.   If you’ve taken this clot shot, pray the nano tech is destroyed   Pray for Wisdom.   If you’re a Christian, please pray for our ministry and share our vcast. Join our website newsletter at, ,buy seeds and a KJV real Bible.  Find likeminded Christians no matter the denomination and start your underground church.  I’m at peace for I know the Bible is the truth.

Put your treasures in heaven.  Bless a Christian and you’ll be blessed and be a cheerful giver. Get saved and  save souls for the Bible is about Christ and is HIS STORY or history.   It is truth.   For the satanist that edit this document, may the wrath of God fall on your head if you don’t get saved and repent.






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Reverse-transcribed SARS-CoV-2 RNA can integrate into the genome of cultured human cells and can be expressed in patient-derived tissues




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