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Deagel Genocide in Europe, Western Nations and the USA: FDR 158

Deagel Genocide in Europe, Western Nations and the USA: FDR 158

Genocide Watch of Christians and Christian Nations

We cover the playbook to democide you in Europe and the USA.    Don’t fall for the divide and conquer.    I cover a couple dreams.    Are we watching big time wrestling?   Is this all a show to cause civil war?    What is the ADL doing going after people that love the constitution.   Did Trump sign up for Noahide Laws?   Will Noahide laws come fast?  The Christian persecution will get worse as transhumanism bio hacking you takes hold.   Think of vaccine passports that force you to change your DNA, that is as the days of Noah, a DNA defilement operation from the fallen angels.  Christian persecution in Nigeria and China is overwhelming and expect this to come to the USA as the social credit system is implemented.

While the social credit score system aims to promote honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity in society from a wicked government, it has raised concerns and garnered criticism for several ENSLAVEMENT reasons:

  1. Privacy Concerns: The system relies on extensive data collection and surveillance, raising significant privacy concerns. The widespread monitoring and collection of personal data can potentially infringe on individuals’ privacy rights and lead to the abuse of personal information.
  2. Lack of Transparency: The criteria used to calculate the social credit scores are not publicly disclosed, making the system opaque and prone to arbitrary decision-making. This lack of transparency raises concerns about potential unfair treatment and lack of accountability.
  3. Limited Access to Services: Individuals with low social credit scores may face penalties and restrictions on various aspects of their lives. This can include limited access to financial services, travel restrictions, exclusion from certain job opportunities, and reduced social privileges. Critics argue that this can lead to social exclusion and discrimination against those with lower scores.
  4. Abuse of Power: The social credit score system is closely tied to the Chinese government and can be used as a tool to enforce political and social conformity. Concerns have been raised that it could be utilized to suppress dissent, silence critics, and restrict individual freedoms.
  5. Lack of Due Process and Redress: The system has been criticized for lacking clear procedures for individuals to contest or improve their scores. The absence of effective mechanisms for individuals to address inaccuracies or rectify their scores undermines the principles of fairness and due process.
  6. Behavior modification and control..    Slave state and the WEF loves this model

Remember, Christians are being killed and persecuted more than any other group around the world.  Why, because there is power in Christ.

Genocide of Historically Christian Nations

We are seeing around the world Christian Martyrs.

Insights from out Book: 

The real goal is the elite had to jack you with the operating system to track, kill, and control you via biohack technology.  All medicine had to be vilified so they could force the operating system in you.   We will prove, the poke is not about your health but rather death, tracking and mind control.   Again, Christ made you, he can heal you.   Don’t fret but great right with Jesus.

Elite that are Pushing the Vaccine,  They Want You Dead . Accept It…

Some advice that I pray you will heed:  never take a vaccine / operating system from a eugenics elite group that wants to reduce the world’s population.   Bill Gates quote at Ted Talk shows he has depopulation on his mind, and never forget, he is linked to hanging out with Epstein who ran a pedophile honey trap operation.[i]   “First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” (author’s emphasis).   Still don’t believe? Wall Street Journal covered the elite population control agenda with the following headline, “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population, Report Says.” [ii] We are dealing with evil….[iii]  In India, the polio vaccine (brought to you by the elite) was halted because of death, injury and the spread of polio itself.[iv]  Lastly, did you know Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation was called Institute for Population Control?[v]  If you only knew what was in these old school vaccines, you’d run from the poison.

Old School Vaccines Ingredients are Loaded with Evil Poison

The list of poisons in an old school vaccine is really beyond words.    It is evident your being poisoned.     The picture below is from Vaccine madness 2.0 podcast.   Did you know if you get injured from a vaccine, you cannot sue the manufacturer? [vi]

The death playbook is so vivid you just need eyes to see.   After seeing what is an old school traditional vaccine, you need to resist these toxins.

Future Genocide Prediction telling the Elite the Plan 

More Evidence, Depopulation of the West is by Design by the Elite

The Deagel Report (Potential elite think tank) has the USA forecasted to lose 200 million Americans by 2025.    Wake up please,  as this is a globalist think tank and well-funded site.   Most Western Christian nations are democided including Israel, all by design, brought to you by the synagogue of Satan.   Russia, India, China, and Brazil’s population decline are barely impacted and thus the BRICs nations appear to be the defined winner of WW3.  The BRICS nations are aligned with the global organizations / central banks and will be the new global reserve currency.   The US dollar will collapse.   You have to think,  Russia and China did not poison their military with the poke, but Western nations did.

The World Economic Forum, WEF, said by 2030 the USA will not be a super power, and an Indian leader recently said WEF runs the world.   This US destruction is by design for the economic systematic looting and is nearly  complete. Of course the USA Constitution must be destroyed, as highlighted by Catherine Austin Fitts, a former high up Goldman Sachs and Government official whistle blower.   It appears the elite published this Deagel Report to warn you so the genocide blow back does not hit their karma.  Well, I bind their evil in the name of Jesus Christ and may their evil fall back on their heads.   Another warning by the elite,  the USA Census building had a purge siren blaring for days.  It is crazy to think about, the US Census counts people and its building is blaring a purge siren.  Check out these death numbers by Country.

We should have known vaccines would have played a part opening the first seal to accomplish their depopulation goals.




[iv] That Time When Bill Gates Allegedly Sterilized Millions of Women with a Vaccine – American Liberty Report (


[vi] H.R.5546 – 99th Congress (1985-1986): National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 | | Library of Congress


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