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End of Days in the News plus Dream Confirmation: FDR 144

End of Days in the News plus Dream Confirmation: FDR 144

End of Days in the News

⁣We cover a bunch of end of days news that is over the top plus confirmation of a dream about Mad Cow potentially from the vaccine. It is crazy town.   We talk about drag show in schools.    New bug plant,  Why the war on farmers.    Why do 80% of people have Round up in your urine.    Why are the elite trying to take your kids with a plandemic?   Why are the elite trying to vaccinate your kids.    Will the government take your kids for CV19.   Can AI computer take pics of your brain.  What is up with New York nuclear war PR?  Cover a couple dreams and visions as well.    I think God is priming a remnant.

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Horses on the Roads

Before we get invaded, there will be more false flags (like cops standing down) to take the guns.  The next trick, the grid will go down.   I saw via a dream a man with a make shift wagon with horses and no cars on the road.  I’m talking no cars on the road for a very long time.  We Had to get water from rain and live off the land.

Dream, Time for  Miracles (not all bad)

I saw Kids from the inner city trying to get out of the city and just find food.  One of the kids had a major limp for he broke his leg.   I healed the young man’s broken foot in the name of Jesus Christ by praying over him for he was a believer.  His leg just straightened out.   I asked before I prayed for him if he was a Christian and he said he did believe.   One of his mates still did not believe after seeing a crooked leg go straight.  It is time to choose are you wheat or  tare, and there will be amazing miracles in these last days.



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