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How to Spot if Nano Tech Could be in Your Food? FDR: 177

How to Spot if Nano Tech Could be in Your Food? FDR: 177

What to Look for in Ingredients that Could Carry Nano Tech

Glycol is used to distribute nano tech self assembling, monitoring, and mrna technology and yes it is in your food. This matches our book of the fourth beast system rising that is transhumanism / AI / hive mind / graphene heads / iron mixed with clay. The nano tech medicine is admitted to be toxic. Must listen.

Nano Tech Medicine Issues Acronyms from Video
PAP – An enzyme produced by the prostate. It may be found in increased amounts in men who have prostate cancer. Also called prostatic acid phosphatase.
SAP. Systolic Arterial Pressure.
CARPA – Non-cardiac Chest Pain Evaluation and Treatment Study
CO – Cardiac output
PCO2 – The partial pressure of carbon dioxide is the measure of carbon dioxide within arterial or venous blood. It often serves as a marker of sufficient alveolar ventilation within the lungs.
Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) assay
Evidence Nano Tech is in the food

Is there a Nano Tech Sleeper Kill Cell in You, Activated by a Frequency? FDR 147

From ebook:  Your food will have vaccination nano tech in it that like the vaccines, and will link  you into the internet of things.   The elite are building indoor vertical fake vegetable (crisper tech) farming.  It appears some of this will be synthetic food.  Plant based mrna vaccines are being engineered to be placed in your food. Again, your meat and fish will be fake food.  Any real farmer will be taxed so high by the fake climate change policy scam, they will be put out of business or the goods will be priced so high, only the rich will be able to afford it.  Or, there will be caps on the amount of cows you can own. Again, the Club of Rome globalist elite brought you the climate change scam to make you / humans be the scourge of this world.   The franken food industry will have nano tech to track you.    The solution, is to rebel by planting a garden even where you don’t own the land, and learn to save the seeds.   Seeds will be worth more than money.


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