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Immortality in 7 Years. Interesting how that works with Agenda 2030. Artificial inHelligence FDR: 229

Immortality in 7 Years. Interesting how that works with Agenda 2030. Artificial inHelligence FDR: 229

Live Forever Tech will be Ready in 7 years – Agenda 2030 / Artificial Helligence

Satan’s big trick, live forever | 2030 is the 2K year anniversary of Christ ministry | Mind Controlism tech | Why Trump arrest is Big Time Wrestling, he should be arrested for Warp Speed, 5G, and the Flu Vaccine executive order | Convergence of everything burning down including the banks is all man made madness | mark of the beast tech | lucifer omnipresent | Artificial InHelligence tm

Some notable end of days signs

The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible lists several signs that are believed to occur in the end times or “last days”. These signs are scattered throughout various books of the Bible, and their interpretation and significance have been debated by scholars and theologians over the years. Here are some of the common signs mentioned in the KJV:

  1. Wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:6-7)
  2. Famine and pestilence (Luke 21:11)
  3. Earthquakes in diverse places (Matthew 24:7)
  4. Increase in wickedness and lawlessness (Matthew 24:12)
  5. Abomination of desolation (Matthew 24:15)
  6. Persecution of believers (Matthew 24:9)
  7. False prophets and deceivers (Matthew 24:11)
  8. Signs in the heavens, such as the darkening of the sun and moon (Matthew 24:29)
  9. Coming of the Son of Man (Jesus Christ) in the clouds with great power and glory (Matthew 24:30)
  10. Gathering of the elect (Matthew 24:31) – great and terrible day of the Lord in our view a post trib rapture

Mainstream says about living forever – However, there are ongoing efforts to increase human lifespan and delay the aging process through various medical and technological advancements. Some scientists believe that it may be possible to extend human lifespan in the future, perhaps through genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, or other means. However, any such developments are likely to be highly complex and controversial, and it remains to be seen whether they will ever be realized.

How does transhumanism and Luciferase play into living forever?  Luciferase is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction responsible for the emission of light in fireflies and certain other bioluminescent organisms. The name “luciferase” comes from the Latin word “lucifer,” which means “light-bringer.”

Luciferase is widely used in biotechnology and medical research as a tool to detect and measure biological processes, such as gene expression and protein interactions. By fusing the luciferase gene to a target gene, researchers can create a “reporter gene” that produces light in response to the target gene’s activity. This allows them to track changes in gene expression in real-time, which can be useful for understanding the mechanisms of disease or evaluating the efficacy of new drugs.   As the days of Noah.

The deep state has a pov on living forever. I think they are closer than described below.

The concept of achieving immortality, or significantly extending human lifespan, is a topic of speculation and interest in various scientific, philosophical, and futurist communities. While there are ongoing research and technological advancements in fields such as biotechnology, genetics, and artificial intelligence (AI), achieving practical immortality within a specific timeframe, such as seven years, is highly speculative and currently beyond the scope of our scientific understanding and technological capabilities.

There is ongoing research in the field of longevity science, which aims to understand the biology of aging and develop interventions to extend healthy human lifespan. Some scientists are exploring potential breakthroughs in areas such as genetic modification, regenerative medicine, and cellular rejuvenation to potentially slow down the aging process and extend human lifespan. However, these efforts are still in the early stages of research and are not yet close to achieving practical immortality.

The idea of uploading consciousness to the cloud, often referred to as mind uploading or digital immortality, is a speculative concept that involves transferring the human mind or consciousness into a digital format, typically using advanced computer technology. The idea is that by creating a digital replica of a person’s mind, it could potentially continue to exist and operate even after the biological body has died. However, the science and technology required for such a concept are purely theoretical at this point and face numerous ethical, philosophical, and technical challenges, including understanding the complexity of human consciousness, the limitations of current AI and computing technologies, and the ethical implications of creating digital replicas of human minds.

It’s important to approach discussions about achieving immortality or uploading consciousness to the cloud with critical thinking and skepticism, and to be aware of the speculative nature of these concepts. While there may be exciting advancements in various fields of technology and science, achieving practical immortality or digital immortality within a specific timeframe is currently not supported by mainstream scientific consensus and remains in the realm of speculation and science fiction. It’s essential to consider the ethical, social, and philosophical implications of such ideas carefully and to rely on scientifically validated information when discussing complex and speculative topics like this.

Deep State comments on the wicked Luciferase that will track and control you (think blue lights). 

Luciferase is an enzyme that can produce visible light when it interacts with a specific substrate. It has been used in various scientific applications, including as a marker or reporter gene in molecular and cellular biology research. Luciferase-based assays are commonly used in biomedical research to study gene expression, protein-protein interactions, and other cellular processes.

In the context of vaccination or tracking individuals’ vaccination status, the concept of using luciferase to track people is purely speculative and not supported by any scientific evidence or established practice. There is no known or approved method of using luciferase or any other similar technology to track individuals’ vaccination status or any other personal information.

Tracking individuals’ vaccination status is typically done through established and regulated systems, such as medical records, electronic health records, or vaccination certificates issued by authorized healthcare providers or public health agencies. These systems are subject to strict privacy and security regulations to protect individuals’ personal information and ensure that data is handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  AICB

from the ebook:

Lucifer’s Tricks to Steal Your Soul is a  Powerful Deception

Lucifer  Want’s to Be God

The only chance you have against these plans,  is true Christianity, a real relationship with the Savior, and the written Word of God, or you will be deceived.  It is obvious by now, in  our ministries point of view, this last and fourth beast Kingdom is orchestrated by  the UN, WHO, WEF  to bring in complete compliance with technological transhumanism where you’ll be tied to the internet of things, and part of the HIVE mind. Matrix movie predictively programmed many of us to this idea.  As mentioned, some of the witches brew, has graphene oxide that when activated with emf, appears to transmit two-way communication.   The Bio hack human genome experimentation  is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is quite evidently part of the cv19 mRNA  mad science vaccine experiment.   It’s not about CV19, but rather about controlling the human race via an “operating system.”   We dove into the nefarious wicked transhumanism vaccine operating system ,and Microsoft 60606 (666) patent  that lays the foundation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution goals.    It will empower Lucifer via the nano tech we discussed  to know your thoughts and control your behavior.   You’ll lose your free will and be controlled via trackers like your carbon output and social credit score.   Some call this the tower of Babel 2.0. Again, Lucifer wants to control everything you do and take away your free will where God give you free will.

Jewish Leaders Understand the Connection with the Tower of Babel and AI

Jewish leaders are very aware of AI ,and Lucifer worship.  Rabbi Laitman “believes that the same motives of Man which led to the construction of the Tower of Babel are also in play with the development of artificial intelligence.”

This wicked transhumanism agenda that defiles the temple of God reminds me of the tower of Babel. “Men wanted to ascend to the heavens and become like God,” the rabbi explained. “To do this, they were dealing with the basic foundations of creation and Gods DNA. They wanted to fix something inside man they believed was a blemish.” Though this motive sounds noble, Rabbi Laitman pointed out a flaw that turned their good intentions into evil.”[i]  It is key to save souls now before many Jews and others are hoodwinked with the anti Christ.

Lucifer Promises You, Live Forever

People fall for this nonsense because  they don’t believe in God, and are in love with following their own lusts.  2 Peter 3:3, Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.  Lucifer will promise to give you eternal life just like believing on Christ but he’ll use virtual reality or mRNA  for age reversal technology.   Science has become a God.  Elon Musk said with the right DNA sequencing and mRNA delivery system, we can stop aging.  I’m not buying  into Elon’s rebel image,   he appears to be controlled opposition.   This is the agenda behind Meta and Facebook~ a virtual world. Think Matrix, a computer induced  unconscious dream state, in exchange for ‘life’.    In the end, God burns it all down, so the only way you’ll live forever is  to believe the Son of God, came to free you from the matrix, and give you new life, in and through belief and faith in Him..  Pray 3:16 with conviction.   Contact our ministry at for prayer warriors and connections.   Prayer has power.

Lucifer will Promise a High IQ

Do you want a thousand-point IQ?   Lucifer will give you knowledge  hooking you up to a supercomputer, but the question is,  will you lose your free will?   Can you imagine being fed information by Google AI and losing your critical thinking skills?  You’ll be a robot slave without any individuality or critical thinking., But since God call us ‘ sheep’ , who need a shepherd,  and want someone to tell us what to do, it will be a boon for those who really do not want God, Jesus , salvation, and whose  only desire is to  live to gratify the flesh and its fears and needs. Free will that God gives us  will be gone, and you’ll just spew out propaganda,  without  facts,  but so much worse than the government indoctrination camps, (schools) or the fact checker sites.

Lucifer Will Promise No More Crime

The thousand-year millennial reign talks about peace.   With pre-crime programming in the minds of men via the biotracking devices,, there will be limited crime for many will be arrested before they even commit the crime!.   As Klaus Schwab has said, “As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase,” he explained, adding that authorities might require “a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”(Klaus Schwab, 2020)  The 5G internet of things dystopian system will use bio metric sensors, cameras, AI, and facial recognition to put you in  prison .  I can’t get over this, Klaus said he envisions a day that they will be able to retrieve memories via a brain scan before allowing people to go across a border. This tech is already here as discussed in this podcast about remote control brain interface from 2010 without being vaccinated with nano tech mRNA technology.  “Psycho Neurobiology is the science field that can create life in a cell (think vaccine), hide information in DNA, add ideas, take thoughts, plant ideas, and direct human motor activity.”[ii]    Yes, science can remotely activate cells.  So it is not a stretch, science can affect the way you think and act all via a vaccine tied to 5G.   They can manipulate thoughts in people’s brains.   This is digital and human concentration camps and controls everything in your life.  But public crime will decrease with AI, facial recognition, bio sensors, controlled thought and pre-crime. All of this information is implied within Klaus Schwab’s  Covid 19 and the Great Reset Book.  You must pay attention; in the book the future will challenge our understanding what it means to be human, he states.   I’m going to say it again, you will be a Genetically Modified Enslaved Human© GMeH©.  If you’ve been vaccinated, you are patented, tracked, enslaved, controlled and stacked©.  But, knowing ALL this now  is half the battle,  and Christ can  help and heal you.  I can’t get over how Klaus said the technology will be counter to a healthy open society.   This hive mind is run by AI super computers with bio metric sensors, cameras, key loggers, and facial recognition.  In the end, the anti-Christ will be tied to the super computer, and  anyone who signs on  will be  lockstep with the fake trinity, Anti-Christ consciousness, AI super computer, and 5G.

[i] January 30, 2018 – Absolute Truth from the Word of God (


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