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Military Left Behind Again! Final Days Report #43

Military Left Behind Again! Final Days Report #43

Final Days Report:   Dream About End of USA and the Military Scared

America has fallen. I had a vision this week of the USA military around the world scared.   I saw a fallen / dead bald eagle (USA fallen). Get home.. Use the vaccine mandate to come home and protect your family. Don’t be left in foreign land as the USA crumbles like the Roman Empire. The infrastructure of the USA is being dismantled. If your in the Navy, remember how Russia shut down the electronics of your ship. – please bookmark the site.

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 More False Flags : Cops Stand Down to take Guns

Before the invasion of the USA, by Russia, China, Cuba,  the elite need more mass shootings to take the guns.   I had a very wild dream of Biden being held up with puppet strings and I saw someone falling off a major sky scraper.    Next I saw Joe going after the guns with executive orders and illegal rules and regulations.  Once our guns are taken away, expect an invasion and terror cell attacks.  After this Dream, Joe was talking about simple hand guns.   Don’t believe their hype.    I’ve also had a dream that the military have  airplanes that can shoot 3d mapping in your house.    My understanding is 5G can do this as well.   So, be smart with some of your self defense tools.    One dream recently, was that my house was hit with mega rounds of bullets, which  shocked me awake .   I looked outside  and saw Chinese troops parachuting all around my house.  In my spirit, I knew it was  time to fight even if it was just using  a pitchfork.   Don’t give up your means to protect yourself defensively.  You will need it. Remember, Jesus told his disciples to sell a garment and buy a dagger for protection.


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Scott, the driving force behind, is a dedicated "watchman" with many years of experience in political analysis and study of biblical truth. His Final Days Report melds current events with scripture and prophecy, offering deep insights to equip and enlighten others in these turbulent times. Check out Scott's e-Book, "Seal One Has Opened that Primes the Fourth Beast System".

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