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Video: Was there a purge siren at a Government Building? Final Days Report # 1

Video: Was there a purge siren at a Government Building? Final Days Report # 1

USA is Bankrupt

I review the elites plan to eliminate 200,000,000 Americans since the US corporation is bankrupt and their financial system is collapsing. And or they know planet X is coming in and we are in the last days.   Pray against this evil.

Watch this video as well about Genocide

The Luciferians tell us what they’re going to do Ahead of Time

Death By The Numbers – Do The Luciferians Tell Us What They’re Going To Do Ahead Of Time And If So, What Do They Have Planned Next?

” One of the first things I learned about the elites is that they have a code of ethics. Their code of ethics is not the same as …mine, we who believe the word of God and the Bible………one of the facets of their code of ethics is they must tell the world everything they are going to do before they do it and this is where the word “buzzwords” come in.” – Lindsey Williams

200 M Americans Dead by 2025 According to Think Tank, Deagel Report:


What is the Purge Siren and Movie about heard at the Census Building

The Purge movie is a fictional horror/thriller film franchise created by James DeMonaco. The premise of The Purge is set in a dystopian future version of the United States where, for a 12-hour period once a year known as “The Purge,” all crime, including murder, is legal and there are no consequences for any actions committed during that time. The story revolves around the events that take place during this annual Purge night and how different individuals and groups navigate the chaotic and lawless environment.

The first movie in the franchise, simply titled “The Purge,” was released in 2013 and centers around a wealthy family who finds themselves targeted by a group of masked assailants during the annual Purge. As they attempt to survive the night, they face moral dilemmas and struggles to protect themselves and each other.

The subsequent films in the franchise, including “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014), “The Purge: Election Year” (2016), “The First Purge” (2018), and “The Forever Purge” (2021), explore different aspects of The Purge concept, including its societal implications, political agendas, and origins. The movies often depict themes such as class struggle, social inequality, and the human capacity for violence.

Overall, The Purge movie franchise provides a fictional exploration of a world where crime is temporarily legal, examining the consequences and moral complexities that arise during this extreme and violent event.  AICB

The Second Amendment: Protecting Our Right to Bear Arms

There is a planned genocide.   That is why you see so many mass shootings.   It is a goal to take your guns.   The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects our right to bear arms. This fundamental right is essential to our ability to defend ourselves and our families from harm. It also serves as a safeguard against government tyranny and oppression.

At, we believe that the Second Amendment is an essential part of our constitutional rights and freedoms. We are committed to defending this right and ensuring that everyone has the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

We believe that responsible gun ownership is an important part of maintaining a safe and secure society. By educating individuals about gun safety and responsible ownership, we can help reduce the risk of gun-related accidents and keep our communities safe.

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Scott, the driving force behind, is a dedicated "watchman" with many years of experience in political analysis and study of biblical truth. His Final Days Report melds current events with scripture and prophecy, offering deep insights to equip and enlighten others in these turbulent times. Check out Scott's e-Book, "Seal One Has Opened that Primes the Fourth Beast System".

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