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Planet X at the Masters and a FAA Camera? Plus end of Days events that Tie to the SEAL. FDR: 236

Planet X at the Masters and a FAA Camera? Plus end of Days events that Tie to the SEAL. FDR: 236

CBDC and IMF | Food Plant Destruction | Planet X at the Masters | Planet X at FAA Camera – why are these sky watchmen getting threated | Seals in the news | WW3 or Seal four | 15 minute cities | Climate Change Lockdowns | BRICS | End of days Scripture | AI in the Church | Is Ai the final Beast System | Destruction of the food supply | mRNA in your Cows | Bill 4488 about end of humanity, what do they know | What is the next pandemic | Oil supply being reduced to bring in Seal 3 | Ufos that fit my dream
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Why the Desperation to Enslave YOU? Was Planet X at the Masters?

Deep State Says About Planet X

Planet X, also known as Nibiru, is a hypothetical planet that has been proposed to exist beyond the orbit of Neptune in our solar system. The existence of Planet X has been the subject of much speculation and controversy, with some claiming that it is a large, undiscovered planet that could potentially have significant effects on Earth, while others consider it to be a pseudoscientific concept with no credible evidence.

There have been various claims and pieces of evidence put forth to support the existence of Planet X, but so far, none of them have been substantiated through scientific research or observation. Some of the supposed evidence that has been put forth in support of Planet X includes:

  1. Anomalies in the orbits of distant objects: Some researchers have pointed to peculiarities in the orbits of certain trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs), which are objects that orbit the Sun beyond Neptune, as potential evidence for the gravitational influence of a large planet. However, these anomalies can also be explained by other factors, such as observational biases or gravitational interactions with other known objects.
  2. Historical and mythological accounts: Some proponents of Planet X have cited ancient texts and mythological stories as evidence of a hidden planet in our solar system. However, such accounts are often highly subjective and open to interpretation, and are not considered scientifically rigorous evidence.
  3. Conspiracy theories: There are various conspiracy theories that suggest the existence of Planet X, often tied to doomsday scenarios and predictions of catastrophic events. However, these claims lack credible scientific evidence and are often based on sensationalism and fearmongering.  AICB


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