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Smart Dust Spy Admission. Are we getting Smart Dust Dumped in our Food / Air? Final Days Report #91

Smart Dust Spy Admission. Are we getting Smart Dust Dumped in our Food / Air? Final Days Report #91

Smart Dust in the News – Surveillance Admission

What can Smart Dust Do? How small is Smart Dust. Does Smart Dust Exist. What are these silver strands falling from the sky. What is up with witches and astro projections. Is this Lucifer’s omnipresence system. Is this the fourth beast system rising with iron mixing with clay that is humans?

Beside Vaccines, this NANO Tech in Food / Air / H20

It is not just the witches brew  that this wicked anti-Christ system  has developed to track you. The key to this fourth beast system is the poke with nano bot technology ,but also smart dust and nano tech distributed in the air via chemtrails, food, and water . As mentioned already, these globalists like Klaus Schwab have said, “there will be a fusion of physical, digital, biological identities that is the design of the future.”    “The lines between technologies and beings are becoming blurred and not just by the ability to create lifelike robots or synthetics. Instead it is about the ability of new technologies to literally become part of us. Technologies already influence how we understand ourselves, how we think about each other, and how we determine our realities.”  (Klaus Schwab, 2020) Klaus Schwab’s enslavement vision that destroys God’s DNA and connection to you is in motion.    Let’s say it again, ultimately the system will kill, steal and destroy your body , and your soul   With this technology, no flesh will be left alive including animals if Jesus does not come back.   One of the big goals is to upload your consciousness to a computer. [i]  The big lie that you can live forever, and there will be no more crime is itself the biggest lie and crime ever foisted on humanity, akin to  satan’s lie to eve in the beginning.  And all we like sheep have gone astray, turning to these things as solutions but they are sourced in the pit of hell.


[i] Ready to Upload Your Consciousness to a Computer? Really? | Servo Magazine

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