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Took Vaccine, Do you have a MAC Number in You? My Test. FDR 131

Took Vaccine, Do you have a MAC Number in You? My Test. FDR 131

MAC address Evidence in the vaccinated

Are the vaccinated numbered?   Is this the mark of the beast?  What is a Mac address? What did I see with a Bluetooth scanner? Is this the Mark of the Beast? Why does God hate his people being numbered so much?

From My Ebook:  Took the Witches brew?  You’re Probably Tracked

There is evidence the vaccinated have a MAC code and are numbered.  I did a Bluetooth scanner test like many others, and yes people are showing as MAC numbers.   One of my participants went to and fro with no cell phone and I tracked him as a MAC address.   I was really upset for a couple days seeing this for myself.  Beside changing your DNA via the operating system mRNA technology, there is also evidence of nano tech  that will link you to the internet of things.

From David Icke;  article describes how the elite / Satan wants you to be part of this hive mind or internet of things that ultimately takes away your free will, “May 2021 that some people who took the COVID non-vaccine discovered that they had become Bluetooth pairable with other devices via a generated MAC address. Now, more evidence has come to light indicating this is the case. This is part of the larger objective of the COVID scamdemic – to work hand-in-hand with nanotech advances so as to introduce tiny technology into the human body, making people into nodes on the Smart Grid, thus bringing about the synthetic Human 2.0 of Transhumanism. When you consider fake-vaccine induced Bluetooth compatibility, plus hydrogel biosensors, graphene oxide or hydroxide, alive synthetic fibers, self-propelling critters, aluminum-based lifeforms and self-assembling nanobots, it totals up to a very scary picture indeed.”[i] Apparently smart dust is also a big part of this satanic tracking agenda.  The Smart Dust definition is a collection of microelectromechanical systems forming a simple computer in a container light enough to remain suspended in air, used mainly for information gathering in environments that are hostile to life.[ii]

Worse yet, BBC said HIV proteins are in the examination of the  witches brew and we’ll demonstrate that the witches brew / operating system is giving people VAIDs no matter if its HIV or some other nefarious immune system destroyer.  Natural immunity is disappearing.   You must ask, was this slow genocide planned for the Western Nations?  Insurance companies that are mathematicians are seeing massive death increases with the young after the vaccine / operating system was launched.   Yes, there is much genocide  in evidence.

First Wave of Seal 1 Death and Democide Evidence

Insurance Numbers of Death after the vaccine / operating system

There is so much evidence of the poison genocide.   Life Insurance companies have reported a 40% unheard of death rate increase of traditionally healthy people that just so happened to come after the operating system / witches brew.[iii] A 10% increase would be a 200-year event.  Use critical thinking skills here,   millennials are dying after the vaccine / operating system was launched. I’ll say it again, the new name for healthy people dropping dead is called SAD, sudden adult death.[iv]

The elite always do a test or simulation before they launch their evil and false flags.

Man Made Plan, Follow the Money, Simulation, White Papers, Whistle Blowers

The evidence is overwhelming that this was a plandemic,  with the Event 201 drill going live. As Pompeo said, “we are in a live exercise.”  Trump whispered, “you should have told us.”   This plandemic is from the Rockefeller Lock Step plan with all the elite players, government and corporations. [v][vi]   As Bill Gates said, “for every dollar he invests, he gets $20 back.”  But this is much more wicked than just  money.  This is a playbook that will have multiple plagues.  So, Seal One will be in waves just as Bill Gates has said, “we need to prepare for the next one,” and he is pushing  a total surveillance  system.   Expect 10 years of launched bio weapons with total  control given to the WHO to destroy and control you.[vii]   Monkeypox has the same markers as CV19.   What is wild is the NIH has their money grabbing hands deep into this order out of chaos strategy funding the creation of CV19.[viii]  “Many patents prove SARS-CoV-2 is A Manufactured Virus and it is proven the NIH benefited financially.”[ix]  Even MIT talks about the US link to Wuhan lab with gain of function research.[x].  This is order out of chaos.[xi] It’s reported, $350 million went to NIH and that is only what a watchdog group has found.[xii]  Death might be coming to those that took the vaccine / operating system for it is an immune system destroyer and if the animal trials plays out, watch the next five years.  There is evidence this is the one world government crowd that are determined  to destroy nation states.[xiii]   Even Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA technology, among  other professors, says repeatedly the technology is not safe.   If you’ve not heard their cryand warnings it is because  they have been censored everywhere.   No, the vaccines are not going to save you as the white horse but rather will hurt you.   It is no accident.














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