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Watchman’s Dreams Coming True, False Flag for Gun Grab before USA Invasion: FDR 129

Watchman’s Dreams Coming True, False Flag for Gun Grab before USA Invasion: FDR 129

False Flag for Gun Grab before China / Russia invasion.. Had True Interference with the video

We cover multiple old dreams that appear to be coming true. Many of these dreams are years old. Expect major divide and conquer before the invasion. 1.6 billion illegal in war hallow point bullets will be given to who, China, civil war communists, antifa, pro abortion Satanists, or terrorist cells? We cover the year old dream I had about gas gangs. Hyper inflation. Don’t lose your joy in Christ..

The final chapter of this book advises  true Christians how they  should live, and what God  expects of us as His  remnant Bride.

I hear from the Lord with dreams, and as a brother in Christ, I confess that I am not perfect; He is still refining me in my walk to resist worldly lusts . We will have some fun and expose  doctrines like the pre-trib rapture, and ‘once saved always saved ’ as  false doctrines.  With scripture evidence, I believe we will be on earth for the entire 7 years, ending  with a post tribulation rapture (I used to be a mid triber and believe  that still has merit).

From my Book:  I have been shown that  judgement is coming to America and Europe.   Only people getting saved and walking in the Lord with true repentance can overcome during  the coming judgment upon  the USA and Europe , and the world.  The Lord has showed me pockets of safe havens in the USA and Mexico that might have God’s mercy because of a united front serving the Lord.   Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.   Getting into the word of God will be crucial  . This book is written with the assumption you have an understanding of basic Biblical principles.    And, if you don’t know the KJV Bible, it is never too late to start reading.   Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior , and He is about  love and mercy, but He  also brings righteous  judgement to His people and the world, for the purpose of correction, repentance and salvation! When he comes back again , it will be in Glory  and  every knee will bow.   When you read the old testament there is a theme repeated over and over;  Israel sinned against God by  rejecting  His  loving instructions in  His WORD,   His laws, and  by His prophets. When they refused these warnings,  either judgement or repentance followed, usually severe judgement, as Deuteronomy 28 spells out perfectly.   The USA is at that crossroads, and it might be too late.  But we always pray for repentance which may bring revival, also a pattern in the scriptures and history therein.

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Scott, the driving force behind, is a dedicated "watchman" with many years of experience in political analysis and study of biblical truth. His Final Days Report melds current events with scripture and prophecy, offering deep insights to equip and enlighten others in these turbulent times. Check out Scott's e-Book, "Seal One Has Opened that Primes the Fourth Beast System".

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