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Why do the Elite hate Putin and Want War with Russian? FDR #86

Why do the Elite hate Putin and Want War with Russian? FDR #86

Putin Says no to the Great Reset Beast System and Must be Taken out by the Elite

Economic system is going to collapse and IMF states 54 countries on the verge of defaulting with 47% (mistake in podcast) of debt owed to private banks that will hurt your pension funds, retirement funds, and stocks destroyed from rate hikes. Bank bail ins is a watch out. Banks holding worthless debt and need the great reset that will destroy nation state and create a central bank dictatorship primed for the mark of the beast. Great reset will take over monetary / spending policy from elected officials and create a Central banker dictatorship. COP26 – Shut down energy / advanced technology. Putin knows the USA is looting it’s population with the same playbook that happened in 1992. Remember, Russia hacked UN scientist global warming scam called Climate Gate. Russia is preparing to allow Christians to move to their country and are a refuge for murdered surviving family member / famers in South Africa. Russia has nuclear bunkers for their citizens but USA is expected to lose 230 Million according to think tanks. Russia has minimum debt today (solvent). So Russia will not give up their nationality for the Great Reset and must fall. The great reset bring in the mark of the beast – last step defiling the temple of God.

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