Why the Elite WAR on BEEF and MEAT = Final Days Report #54 at SJWellFire

Why the Elite WAR on BEEF and MEAT = Final Days Report #54 at SJWellFire

4 Reasons the Globalist Banker Elites Don’t want you to have MEAT or BEEF – Final Days Report

This is a true assault on your health, wealth, independence and God’s Creation. We talk solutions. It is time to get creative to make sure your life prospers in the time of lawlessness.   Yes global Warming is a hoax or cover for a mini ice age and or Planet X coming in.    Time to get creative to make sure you have plenty of beef / meat.    We talk solutions.

ID2020 Carbon Dioxide Tracker, Universal Basic Income, CBDC

The digital enslavement tracking system will also control your carbon dioxide output for limiting your  travel, life , (you’ve breathed to much), and what you can eat.   You’ll not be able to eat meat because  the carbon dioxide output is considered  to be too much to the control Agenda 2030  restrictions.    Yes, there is a war on meat. Bill Gates has millions invested in insect producing factories, and he  is the USA’s largest agricultural land owner , and seemingly is NOT going to produce anything organic on the land! You’ll eat 3d printed meat and fish.  I wonder if the elite are working on 3d printed fish since they know God will destroy the oceans with his wrath.   All of your food allocation will be tracked digitally.    As the elite destroy the food supply, they will track your food allocation via a digital ID system that is tied to a central bank digital currency.   How else will you be tracked and controlled?

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