Did we See a Nano Tech / Frequency Kill Weapon at AstroWorld? Final Days Report #55 at SJWellFire

Did we See a Nano Tech / Frequency Kill Weapon at AstroWorld? Final Days Report #55 at SJWellFire

2013 Leaked Nano Teach Kill Weapon Placed in Food, Water, and Vaccines as a Primer for a Frequency – Final Days Report

Cover a 2013 leaked document of how we’ve been poisoned by a Nano tech kill system in the water, food and vaccines that is activated by a secret military frequency (like 5G at the cellular level). Why did the cell phone signal not work at the concert? Did Trump sign an executive vaccine order for Nano tech and MRNA technology. What is up with Maderno’s grant that has the grant description of Darwinian solutions in a post mass death environment. Remember Deagel Report where Western Nations are predicted to lose up to 70% of their population. Talk solutions.. Get Saved.

From ebook:

What is 5Gs Purpose with the Fourth Beast Rising

Since Lucifer is the great copycat, 5G is the fake  holy ghost, and artificial intelligence with a quantum computer is Lucifer playing God,   the anti christ consciousness placed on the super computer will mimic Christ.    5G connects signals at a cellular level.  It needs to be implemented for spy grid in your head.

It’s called silent weapons for quiet wars.     The global elite want to get everyone vaccinated with an mRNA / Nano technology / graphene oxide that has caused many people to be magnetic, admit high EMF readings, and does not give much if any CV19 protection, according to the Pfizer CEO, even after multiple boosters. A complete delusion of the masses!   As we’ve demonstrated, many people have been assigned product codes that can be  picked up by a Bluetooth scanner.  Graphene oxide appears to be the technology critical to turn you into an operating system with a two-way communication node.  From multiple articles, “when graphene oxide is hit with 26 GHZ by 5G, it appears to have self-assembling nano tech in the human body allowing for electromagnetic communication in nanonetworks, with novel graphene based plasmonic nano antennas are proposed, modeled and analyzed in scientific papers.”[i] [ii]  Graphene boosts GHz signals into terahertz territory according to scientists.” (Reese, 2022)   This will be activated by Graphene, which  will  empower  the terahertz   causing the  nano tech to  self-assemble in the body.   Once assembled, the nano tech is the foundation to an internal electronic bio system that emits addresses, is an antenna, has ac dc capabilities, and has logic gates.(?)   This is the tech for doing said tasks like the proposed 060606 (666) Microsoft patent, that will give you digital currency by doing said task monitored within your body.[iii]    This mass enslavement experiment is the last beast system talked about by Daniel in the Old Testament.   Multiple scientific groups have seen nano tech in the witches brew.   It’s  the mRNA  creating new protein growth  and/or the graphene oxide that is demonstrating magnetic properties,  yet not fully effective as it is yielding human immune system disruption with blood clots and cardiac arrhythmia as just part of the death and destruction being recorded, but not reported.   Soccer players are just dropping dead, and  last checked, close to one thousand athletes in their prime have fallen with heart issues.[iv]   There end goal is,  you will be a computer with no need for a cell phone or computer.   You’re being rewired.

According to many experts like Erica Kaun people have died via radiation poisoning with the launch of 5G in combination with this shot. This also has a  a combined effect ,, with the nano particles and graphene oxide injection causing  people to be  getting cooked faster.  There is a deliberate strategy to launch 5G,which  is a patented frequency weapon system also   being used for crowd control.   The frequency is needed for the internet of things to roll out for it works on a cellular level  that complements the control grid and maybe the vehicle to cause  kill grid system.  What happened at Astroworld where the cell phone technology was shut down and death ran rampant?[v]  From State of the Nation, “Harvard’s Charles M. Lieber holds the U.S. Patent for using 5G radiation to vibrate corona virus particles from preset nanotubule containersHarvard Pilgrims Society professor-surrogate exploited like Zuckerberg and the other Silicon Valley stooges to weaponize nanotechnology to deliver viruses and other weaponized pathogens via 5G (boil the water in the nanotube with 5G milliwave-lengths and it will release its toxic payload, see above); is this what happened in Wuhan, China?”[vi]

At the concert, It appeared people did not suffocate but rather died from other causes.   5G is a very high frequency  weapon that  is 10 x faster than its predecessors and it causes cell poisoning.[vii]   Our natural defense mechanism is pushing out these poisons.   5G is needed to run the world with the global human currency, driverless cars, holograms (6g better) and AI.[viii] Lucifer has a short time to make war with the saints / elect and he will demand  that all worship his beast system in the next 35 years

Why Moderna is Pushed Heavy by NIH / DARPA / Bill Gates

The mRNA technology in you is from DARPA, a military organization and appears to have financial stakes with the NIH.   This is evil.    According to Axios:  “One of the covid-19 vaccine manufactures most talked about in the media is Moderna, a biotech company co-founded by Robert Langer, a researcher and inventor at MIT. In 2013, the biotech startup received $25m in funding from DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a research arm of the United States Department of Defense, and an organization well-known for ruthlessly pursuing dystopian, transhumanist technologies, such as implantable nanoparticles and bio-brain interfaces). Noteworthy is that the US government, through the National Institute of Health, appears to have a financial stake in the Moderna vaccine thanks to a contract signed by both parties, giving the NIH joint ownership over Moderna’s mRNA vaccine candidates.”[ix]

 So why poke you with nano tech and mRNA delivery system? Again,   it appears to destroy God’s Creation, always satans goal,  and with the nano tech it   can have complete control of you.   Most likely, to steal your soul and to turn you into a   nonhuman , a Zombie   Do you understand now why these freaks need to take the guns?

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