Why the Toxic Burning of Plants, Trains etc around the World? FDR: 216

Why the Toxic Burning of Plants, Trains etc around the World? FDR: 216

11 Reasons why the Burning down of Toxic Chemicals around the world

Land Grab to name one.  I think this is the One World Gov. crowd taking down the USA and the West per the Deagel report.

Asymmetric warfare, also known as asymmetric conflict, refers to a type of warfare where there is an imbalance in military power and capabilities between opposing parties. It typically involves a weaker party or non-state actor, such as a guerrilla group, insurgency, or terrorist organization, facing a stronger and more conventionally equipped opponent, such as a state or a well-organized military force.

In asymmetric warfare, the weaker party often employs unconventional tactics, strategies, and methods to offset the power disparity and achieve their objectives. This can include tactics such as guerrilla warfare, terrorism, sabotage, irregular warfare, and unconventional warfare. Asymmetric warfare may also involve the use of unconventional weapons, such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs), cyber warfare, or information warfare, to gain an advantage.

One of the key characteristics of asymmetric warfare is that it is typically characterized by asymmetry in terms of military strength, resources, and capabilities. The weaker party seeks to exploit the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the stronger party, often avoiding direct confrontation and instead relying on hit-and-run tactics, ambushes, and other forms of surprise attacks.

Asymmetric warfare has been used throughout history in various conflicts and wars, and it poses unique challenges for both the weaker and stronger parties. It requires flexibility, adaptability, and innovative thinking on the part of both sides, as well as an understanding of the complex dynamics at play in such conflicts.  AIBC

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