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ai Censorship Beast System funding by YOU and X protects FBI crimes. FDR 323

ai Censorship Beast System funding by YOU and X protects FBI crimes. FDR 323

Internet-Wide Surveillance and Censorship: The AI Threat

• Enabled by the immense computational power of artificial intelligence (AI), internet-wide surveillance and censorship are no longer futuristic concepts—they are happening now.
• Government agencies, in collaboration with universities and nonprofits, are utilizing AI tools to monitor and censor online content.
• This is not a partisan issue; it affects everyone. A powerful tool capable of surveilling all internet activity is becoming available to governments, allowing them to suppress speech they dislike.
• The same tool can also shut down internet-linked activities such as banking, buying, teaching, and connecting based on monitored content.
• Recent documents reveal that academic and nonprofit groups are proposing the use of AI “misinformation services” to censor internet platforms, raising significant societal concerns1.
All of this will be launched with a digital plandemic. We cover the rise of the ai beast system.

Sources: Radix Verum – YT Channel doing a documentary on the Whitmer kidnapping hoax is being harassed and silenced. Link below gives explanation of her X account termination (I said suspension but it is worse) and other insights

Government Funds AI Tools for Whole-of-Internet Surveillance and Censorship

Beast system is being built, can’t buy or sell..: from summary of the article titled “Government Funds AI Tools for Whole-of-Internet



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