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Ai Controlled News – the future controls all inputs and outputs of your life. FDR 316

Ai Controlled News – the future controls all inputs and outputs of your life. FDR 316

MSN is getting Destroyed – But is it part of an AI controlled Media Play?

Thousands of journalists are being laid off for ai news.   One of the key reasons why mainstream media is laying off so many “journalists” is actually because they are replacing most of them with AI. Throughout 2024, MOST of what you read from the MSM is going to be increasingly AI-generated. The AI displacement of human workers in office jobs is well under way.  What is the big control grid strategy?  Some of the benefits of AI news story generation are: 1. produce high-quality content at a faster speed and lower cost than human journalists. 2. cover topics that are underreported or overlooked by mainstream media, such as local news, niche interests, or emerging trends. 3. personalized and customized news stories for different audiences, platforms, and formats. 4. Centralize everything with no or limited human connection.  The MSN is losing credibility as we describe from the CEO of the Wall Street Journal, CNN saying you can’t investigate Wikileaks and another news paper saying doing your own research is dangerous.   You need to think of the control beast system working together with all facets of life.    Note, Google is scanning with their AI all of your emails.   What will this mean for your news and the centralized narrative?

It is a crazy world and everything can be fake. Model “Emily Pellegrini,” amassing 137,000 followers in 4 months, is a digital creation. Formed by neural networks as the ‘average man’s dream girl,’ she’s a virtual Instagram hit, earning $10,000 a month and attracting billionaire suitors, highlighting the era of digital illusion. Soon, most “people” on the internet will be NPCs.  When will the news anchors be fake?  All input and output will be controlled by Ai.   The rapid development and adoption of AI technologies across various domains and sectors, such as health, education, finance, entertainment, security, and more.  The availability and accessibility of large amounts of data, which are essential for training and improving AI models. Data can come from various sources, such as sensors, cameras, social media, online platforms, and more. Data can also be generated and shared by AI systems themselves, creating a feedback loop that enhances their performance.  The advancement and integration of AI with other technologies, such as cloud computing, internet of things, blockchain, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and more. These technologies can complement and augment the capabilities of AI, as well as enable new applications and scenarios that were not possible before.  Think of ID2020 and how you will not be able to do anything unless you play ball with their biohack agenda.

Beast System

Setting Up the Antichrist System

From Harbinerdaily, “On its website, the World Economic Forum proclaims they “have established the Quantum Computing Network, which facilitates collaboration with companies like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as academic institutions and national governments… to prepare society more broadly for the significance of the transition.” Transition indeed.

What quantum computing can do is unlike anything we have seen to date. Not only will this technology have the ability to control every aspect of life, business, finance, medicine, government, etc., but it will also be able to do this with such precision and speed that every person on earth could be placed into a one-world system. This technology will virtually force the world into a one-world financial system, a one-world government, and eventually a one-world religion. This super technology will cause the world’s systems to merge into one unified and computerized way of life. Choices will be eliminated. Freedom will be severely limited. Control will be delivered into the hands of the one who oversees this worldwide interconnecting network.”  Source:

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