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AI Nano Tech Bio Weapon that Spawns and in YOU. FDR:173

AI Nano Tech Bio Weapon that Spawns and in YOU. FDR:173

AI NANO TECH BIO WEAPON that is Part Machine Part Alive – Spawns in you

Karen Kingston nails it. This nano tech is the fourth beast end of days system spoken of by Daniel with Iron (graphene oxide) mixed in clay, you.. It is a gene war. Seal one has opened. Note, I do agree Satan wants his dna in you plus it is about total mind controlism (not communism) so Lucifer can be omnipresent like God.   I Apologize for the poor audio with Noah and the monitor you under the skin segment. Watch full interviews here and support Karens work:….i-bioweapon-from-inf

How Could have been hoodwinked?   From Ebook:

Many Leaders are Puppets in One World Organizations

Many leaders in government like Putin and business leaders including Elon Musk have been indoctrinated with the World Economic Forum young leaders’ program.   These are agents (know who they are) pushing Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset or Agenda 2030 that is the beast tech transhumanism slave system or the fourth beast system rising as we’ve discussed from Daniel.  Klaus appears to be authorized to bring in the one world government.   A quote from Klaus substantiates my cry of defiling the temple of God as the days of Noah.  Klaus said, “The difference of this Fourth Industrial Revolution is it doesn’t change what you are doing it changes you if you take a gene-editing, just as an example it is YOU that are changing. It has a big impact on your identity.”[i]   We are dealing with a fake reality of control that is so deep that even NASA is continuously being caught with fake footage.    I suspect Putin has gone rogue not playing ball or it is all theater, but the death of the WEST will be real.    95% of the news is controlled by six companies and they are allowed to deceive.

News is allowed to do Psyops under NDAA, Reversal of the Smith Mundt Act

The News can lie to you by law.  Look up operation Mockingbird that is the CIA capturing / infiltrating your news with deception.  The goal is one world government.   Look up how the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank and is not federal and has no reserves. A great proof point of the CV19 scam is the evidence by Italy truthfully stating that only 4,000 people died of just Covid 19, vs the 130,000 originally, reported by TruNews sourcing  an Italy newspaper that covered a government press conference.    It appears media and fact checkers are able to deceive under the NDAA with the reversal of the Smith Mundt Act that prohibited propaganda on the American people.   From an article on the NIH site, it came out social media fact checkers were really just about opinions (Blaylock, 2022).   Do you remember how the media was saying Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous but yet has been used since 1955, and the countries using it had great results treating CV19.  Viruses weaken over time but now people are dying in masses after being poked.  CV19 is not about a disease but rather it is about tracking you and programing you into beast compliance.  It’s about a slow kill death and maybe even sterilizing women, since the spike is accumulating in their ovaries.  According to Lifesite news, “Terrifying’ new research finds vaccine spike protein unexpectedly in bloodstream. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility.”  (Celeste, 2021)   We are all sheep to the slaughter house and my people die from a lack of knowledge.   Again, Christ made you, he can save you.


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