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Are the Elite Taking out Diesel on Purpose? How important is Diesel to the USA? FDR: 174

Are the Elite Taking out Diesel on Purpose? How important is Diesel to the USA? FDR: 174

Are the elite destroying diesel that will destroy the USA

Diesel runs the USA.   Most of your goods are delivered by diesel.   Is the short supply of Diesel by design.    I had a dream about gas gangs.   Buy seeds.    How many days of supply does a grocery store have.    Is the Mississippi river getting to low to ship product?  Are the elite pushing for a dark winter?   Get ready..

War on Carbon is a war on you.   All old cars must be destroyed, snippet from ebook:

Cop26,  is carbon dioxide trading, taxes and incentives for you and corporations to change how society does business that will enslave you under the guise of saving the world.   First you’ll be boiled slowly like a frog.   Next, it will be handcuffs.   I see it playing out like the following.   Want to travel, you must pay a carbon tax.   Want to own an old car, you must pay carbon taxes.    Breathed too much, you must pay a carbon dioxide tax.   This is nothing more than an enslavement eugenics lie, making humanity the enemy itself.   Hey business, want a loan, get rid of your gas cars.   Carbon dioxide is needed for plants to live.   The real reason why farmers are protesting in Holland is crazy environmental laws that will destroy there output.   The Government policy is to starve and bankrupt you.   If the Government loved you, they would teach you how to grow and sell organic food.   They would loosen laws and regulations that prevent competition.



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