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Are you Ready for What is Coming? Bible Study

Are you Ready for What is Coming? Bible Study

Pastor Larry emphasizes the importance of having a solid foundation in the Bible, particularly in spiritual warfare. He emphasizes the necessity of knowing and internalizing Scripture to combat Satan’s temptations effectively. Quoting Ephesians, he stresses the need to be prepared for spiritual battles and not to rely on luck or charm. He shares personal experiences of how Scripture has guided him in moments of temptation. Pastor Larry underscores the significance of putting on the armor of God and obeying Scripture in its entirety, rejecting any claims of new revelations beyond the established biblical canon. He concludes by emphasizing that without the active presence of the Word of God in one’s life, spiritual warfare is akin to a soldier throwing stones at jet fighters – ineffective and futile.

Picture of Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry

Pastor Larry, a seasoned spiritual warrior and Vietnam Marine veteran, brings a wealth of life experience to his video podcasts. With over three years dedicated to studying Ephesians six and spiritual warfare, he combines his military discipline and pastoral insight to deliver engaging, faith-filled content. Beyond the pulpit, Larry's diverse career spans from owning a paint company to teaching, showcasing his versatility and commitment to impacting lives. His encounters with the spiritual realm add a unique depth to his teachings, making him not just a knowledgeable guide in faith but also a relatable and approachable figure.

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