Athlete Sorcery Juice (poke) Death and Heart Issue Tracker = Final Days Report #65 at SJWellFire

Athlete Sorcery Juice (poke) Death and Heart Issue Tracker = Final Days Report #65 at SJWellFire

Athletes are Dropping Like Fly’s from the Nano Tech Gene Defilement Poke

We cover an up to date tracker of the artery clogged poke with an athlete death and heart issue tracker that is ideal to share with families to make sure they don’t give their kids the sorcery poke. Also, we cover end times news on fake meat, saints getting murdered (update on dream), news on mind control programing technology, and the hypnotism psyop.

From our ebook:

Seal One Evidence, Athletes Dropping Like Flies

We know viruses get weaker with time, but year two after the vaccines were launched we see professional athletes dropping like flies close to 800 impacted that are in the prime of their lives.[i]   Reported by the World Help Organization, “A press conference with two renowned pathologists took place in Reutlingen on September 20, 2021. Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, two scientists, confirmed the content of the report by Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher on the connections found in autopsies between the Covid vaccination and the increasing number of deaths among vaccinated people.  Lymphocyte collections can be found everywhere.  In all cases the immune system has been attacked. Some diagnoses are difficult and often misinterpreted.” [ii]  A brave Doctor talked about the findings that went viral on social media, “I want to say, we must not quibble over details. The facts are on the table, and the facts have been presented by Dr Arne Burkhardt a week ago. And the facts are damning. All gene-based vaccines independent of manufacturers produce the same results. He has looked at fifteen in the last four days–the number has been increased to 70 individuals who died after vaccination — without any connection to vaccination being established by the authorities. So these are people who died at home, at work, in the car, doing their sports, etc etc etc. This is very important. “Postmortems were performed because the relatives insisted on this. And nothing was found so the organs appeared normal. However, when Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Professor of Pathology, one of the most experienced Professors in Germany who’s now pensioned by the way, like me, proceeded to look at the organs, he looked at them day after day over the last 6 months, he discovered something that is so absolutely damning, there is no question now anymore about what is going on–and the answer is, in the organs of these people, in 90% he found clear evidence for auto-immune self-attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues–the main ones being the heart–the heart!– the lung, and after that other tissues such as liver, etc etc etc. This has been now posted at the website for the Doctors 4 Covid Ethics, and is going viral around the world because these data are so damning that you don’t have to start looking for other data to know that these vaccines are killing the young and the old–are killing the young and the old. And they are killing our children! And so I don’t know what we are talking about.”[iii]

As mentioned above, 40% increase in insurance death claims with people 18 to 60s that is unheard of by life insurance companies and it’s reported these numbers are worse with other insurance companies annual report payouts.[iv]  According to Naomi Wolf, “Pfizer has been committing an experiment on the human race and the government new that the vaccines did not work.   Their documents say spike proteins, nano particles go into ovaries, lymph nodes, and liver.    In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected. This is nothing short of a genocide.”[v]  Again, Christ made you, he can heal you.    You must have faith and be saved.


[ii] Autopsies in Germany confirm that the Covid “vaccine” is the cause of many deaths (

[iii] Dr. Arne Burkhardt | The EveryDay Concerned Citizen



Found a Athlete Death and Heart Issue Counter from the evil poke so called medicine. (must bookmark)

As a watchman, it is important to stay informed about the latest developments in the healthcare industry. And when it comes to vaccines, there has been a lot of controversy and debate surrounding their safety and efficacy. One of the biggest concerns is the issue of vaccine damage, and the Vaccine Immunity Act of 1986 only adds fuel to the fire. This act prevents individuals from suing big pharma companies for injuries or deaths caused by vaccines. This means that there is little to no accountability for the safety of vaccines, and this has resulted in an increase in the number of vaccine-related injuries and deaths. In fact, according to some reports, the death rate has increased by 40% since the launch of  the “operating system.” And it’s not just deaths that are a concern. In the late 70s, HIV was spread via a vaccine, and there have been reports of Africans getting AIDS from a vaccine as well. These are serious concerns that cannot be ignored. And now, with the advent of mRNA nano tech, there are even more concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccines. We have evidence that this technology will hook people up to a hive mind and steal their free will. It’s no wonder that people are waking up and looking for alternative solutions. This is where comes in. This website provides a final days report newscast that helps people stay informed about the latest developments in the healthcare industry and other Biblical end of days events. It’s important to support websites like this that are dedicated to providing accurate and unbiased information about vaccines and other Biblical topics in the news. We are facing big pharma evil like never before, and it’s time to take action and make informed decisions about our health and wellbeing.

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